It’s Amazing How Many People Don’t Know This!

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if researchers and regulators read my stuff.

If you have read my stuff then you know there is this strange phenomenon.

I say it, it gets ridiculed and several years later it gets proven as correct.

A classic example was our book The Immortality Edge.

I wrote that cellular aging was directly tied to telomeres and this was reflected in organismal aging, Scientists and lay people alike launched negative criticisms and lower star ranks on Amazon because we had “no proof”.

Now you read these words routinely: Telomeres are tied to aging, cellular and beyond. And despite the plethora of people who lately have decided to push methylation as an issue, there is nothing you can do to specifically change methylation and really there is no proof of this.

There are studies showing that lengthening telomeres adds years and health to animals’ lifespans not just years to their lives like calorie restriction. There is a big difference between extending life span and just pushing an organism towards its normal number of years in life. To do the first there are many things you can do. To do the second you have to take care of telomere length, structure, and function.

Very very recently an article was published in Molecular Cell where the lead author named Cesare said this ” “We’ve shown that it’s not just telomere length, but telomere structure and telomere health that we need to understand,”

Also stated was that “analyzing and managing the structure and behavior of the telomeres and their loop-like features could point to better ways of preventing and treating major diseases.”

The only way you never heard that before ( like for the past 8 years!) is if this is the very first time you are reading my writings. Otherwise you already know it and have known it.

So as you ponder all these facts you might want to ponder and remember to take your Immortality Edge Packs!!!
I designed these for the exact things and reasons stated in the most recent article in Molecular Cell.

Take Care Of Your Telomeres!

Dr. Dave


Reference: Telomere Loop Dynamics in Chromosome End Protection

Authors:David Van Ly, Ronnie Ren Jie Low6, Sonja Frölich7, Tara K. Bartolec8, Georgia R. Kafer, Hilda A. Pickett, Katharina Gaus, Anthony J. Cesare

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