Are You Headed For One of These Age Related Sleep Epidemics?

Apart from the fact that 50 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disruption on a regular basis, I am often asked why an Anti-Aging Doc is so concerned about sleep!

Up until a few short years ago no one thought of sleep disruption or curtailment as anything but a natural consequence of the “modern age”.  Late night TV, cell phones always on and the need for every more productivity and ever less free time has made sleep the number one thing people give up when pressed. After all its just sleep right.

Well there is a reason I am introducing my latest Sleep Product and it has to do with, you guessed it- premature aging and illness.

Studies have shown that sleep curtailment and disrupted sleep can lead to a higher incidence of obesity (by messing with the hormones for appetite known as ghrelin and leptin), high blood pressure (by messing with vascular tone also through hormones) and diabetes (by messing with the hormone insulin and the appetite hormones mentioned above).

If you noticed the common thread, its hormone disruption!!!

That is because in some way or another ALL of your hormones are affected by sleep patterns due to what is known as the “hypothalamic clock”. Without getting into too much detail this is what controls the so called Circadian and other rhythms including hormone secretion.

Mess with that and you have the recipe for premature aging for this and many other reasons.

17 years ago when I started my supplement business, I vowed to use Mother Nature to Fight Father Time. It started with my patients and grew into a world-wide phenomenon along with the concept of staying younger and healthier longer!

This latest product is the natural non-habit forming non-addictive answer to your sleep issues.\

And it’s on Introductory Sale Right Now- but only for a very limited time.

So, act now and sleep like a baby!

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