Day 3 of the My Business Launch Celebration and some special gifts!

Again, thanks for staying with me through thick and thin and remembering the real Dr. Dave lives right here at!

As we close out this week I need to remind you that our exclusive deal on TA-65 ends in the next 24 hours or sooner if the current supply runs out.

A lot of people have asked what is next for me. Well, my new business model includes bringing out an amazing fish oil product within the next 2 to 4 weeks. From there on I will develop new products based on the experiences I have had in the anti-aging field over the past 16 years. Some of you have asked if I will be bringing back “old” products.

That is not likely unless there is serious demand for them and of course I will have to call them something different. But rest assured the innovation will continue albeit slowly.

I am not sure if you personally were around me in 2002 when I started but the business did not grow to the size it was overnight. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I basically start over a decade and a half later. But its not from scratch that is for sure!!!

Ok now for the gift part of the email!

If you buy 2 or more bottles of TA-65 at the special price I will put you on a list of preferred buyers that get all my specials at least 24 hours in advance of anyone else.  This should avoid the stock out situation that does happen when we do specials.

In addition you will get my latest info product, “The Horrendous Diet” which is a verbatim recording of what The Zen Master of the Internet, Matt Furey, and I eat on a daily basis. We also dish on current trends in diet and weight loss as well as the ever swinging pendulum of dietary advice. What rules now, what’s in and out and of course what the research shows us and whether its to be believed or not!!!!

Here is some food for thought: If we are doing things so right then why are 60% of adults in the U.S. and 35% of the children overweight or obese.  And why are approximately 45% of our adult population either diabetic, or “pre diabetic”.

Also as I alluded to in my recent blogs, why are the numbers for your blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure supposed to be getting lower and lower while the actual numbers for almost everyone continue to rise?!


Now here is the Bottom line: do you want to take some control over this aging process and become part of the Anti-Aging Revolution or do you want to pay through the nose for drugs the rest of your life?!

At the risk of being thrown in jail or otherwise persecuted, I will continue to try to prevent those things from happening to you with my own experiences. Just remember- nothing here is medical advice!!!!

Now get on some TA before the special ends, and see what it feels like!


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