Accelerants of Aging Part 2

In part one of this email sent out last week I told you about telomeres.

In this email I want to call your attention to some other age-related topics.

First and foremost I want to reiterate something I have been saying and writing for years.  The immune system is the key to aging.  Just this week researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston pointed to NK and T cell telomere loss as a key feature.  They went on to dispute the concept that general telomere loss was a major factor.

I agree with one of their conclusions but not the other.  Telomere loss remains a trigger for cellular aging and one study that raises a question does not wipe out a decade of research that points to a single short telomere as the main cause of cellular aging. They also completely ignored the sequelae of cellular aging; the widespread increase in inflammation that is unquestionably part of the aging process and at least partly related to the Senescent Activated Phenotype.  SAP refers to mitochondrial uncoupling, a rise in the free radical damaging in the cell and the bystander effect that happens to other cells as they are exposed to cellular messengers from damaged cells and free radical damage from same.

But I also understand that even researchers have to market their studies (so much for scientific purity!). The best way to get attention is to say something opposite what everyone believes is true.

Each of my telomere based supplements-Telokynase my dedicated telomerase activator and The Immortality Edge Packs are designed to combat these conditions.

I also recently published the results of one of my customers increasing his telomere length by the equivalent of 20 years improvement as well as the effects on stem cells ability to stay stem cells longer, which is on the site.

I have yet to see anything close to that from anyone else in the supplement world.

Today I want to talk about the mitochondrial role in aging.

A long time ago I wrote to you citing the mitochondria as THE Major Epigenetic driver of genetic changes and expression. This includes mutations on the DNA, damage to the ability of DNA repair and energetic shifts that herald cancerous transformation.

“Hogwash!  Its genes genes and more genes!” said my colleagues, overtly dismissing my statements. Well here we are some 10 years later and guess what is coming out in the research.  More and more metabolic evidence as the inciting event in cancerous transformation.

But the money, grants and otherwise still hugely favors genetic research even as the evidence mounts to the contrary.

The mitochondria age, malfunction and misperform as we age.  Intermittent and even slightly longer fasts lead to autophagy and apoptosis of said mitochondria as well as other cellular “taking out the trash” kind of functions in the cell.

In additions the reactions that happen inside the mitochondria wear out due to lack of substrates as we age.  Toco Q is the supplement I designed to combat that very problem with Ubiquinone to add juice to the first and major reaction in the mitochondria and tocotrienol, a putative telomerase activator to reduce free radical burden.

Everything I do has a purpose- to help you stay younger and healthier.  I’d love to say I can make you live longer in great health as well, but until I develop my secret “expiration date reader” that reads the death date stamped on your forehead, I cannot.  I hope you understand what I just said is not 100% serious!!!!

I do want you and I to have the best, most joyous and productive lives we can because the world needs people like us more than ever!!!!

I cannot make you believe that we are living in a time of longer and better lives at least from a biologic standpoint.  I cannot predict what maladies will be deliberately unleashed to change the equation.  I can only live by example and offer what I do to you as well.

Believe that its possible, because it is!!!!

Dr Dave

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