Beware of Supplements that turn into drugs!

One of the major things that has shown up recently in the medical literature is the use of NAC N-acetyl Cysteine and Silymarin to prevent or treat Covid. The apparent mechanism involves both vascular modifications and the prevention of attachment of the virus respiratory lining cells and inhibiting the NSP15 protein which is involved in the level of virulence of the virus

At this moment there are no randomized placebo-controlled studies only “in lab” studies we refer to as in vitro.

But it has not stopped Amazon from removing NAC from their inventory refusing to sell it because it is allegedly a drug. I suspect Silymarin will be next since it shows similar properties.

Now I have often been accused of being able to see the future and frankly in this case it’s not rocket science.

I will be very surprised if this does not directly affect our suppliers and causes them to remove/refuse to continue to add these compounds to The Immortality Edge Packs

Before I get to the “You should buy this now” message, I want to remind you of my supplement design and yes, I am going to tell you how fortunate I am to have this information when I create things.

THE IE packs have been around since 2017. I did not anticipate Covid then of course. I did know of the amazing properties of both NAC and Silymarin for many years and included them in the IE packs for their anti-aging benefits on the immune system, telomeres, mitochondria and cellular health in general.

It did nor surprise me nor should it surprise you that both these compounds have potentially very helpful effects to the point of being called “drugs” and being removed from easy access. Of course, this is all just conspiracy theory and coincidental. It has nothing to do with controlling how easy it is for people to achieve certain aims like longevity and covid resistance.

Of course, not- it’s all just coincidence, BUT it should finally not surprise you when I am told and have to tell you that these supplements are either no longer available or have had to be modified.

After paying 4X as much for nitrile gloves, 3X as much as last year for wood to build my projects with and watching the inflation rate go through the roof and the price tag of groceries go up every visit to the store, it should not surprise you when prices go up. The missing bottle caps and Fish Oil debacles were a sign of the times.

We still have Immortality Edge Packs and they still have a long shelf life. My advice is not rocket science. Stock up now while they still contain those amazing compounds AND the price has not changed… yet.

Finally, I personally would not bet against me! I will find a way to continue to improve what I provide for you one way or another. And as I have mentioned a few times now. The next coaching program launches early September. That is where I will be spilling the beans… all of them! So by all means, STAY TUNED!

Dr Dave

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