Dr. Dave Woynarowski Telomeres – Singing the Tune

I wrote my portion of the Immortality Edge months before its release in late 2010. It was an interesting experience as no one really knew what to do with the information-even though we spelled it out!

My co authors Mike Fossel and Greta Blackburn gave exercise recommendations. Subsequently the positive effect of exercise on telomere length was demonstrated multiple times.  We told you what to eat.  Subsequently the positive effect of diet was demonstrated many times.  We told you what supplements to take including Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

We also told you to keep your eye on this space because amazing things would be happening and that we were for the first time in human history really on to something.  I showed you how I grew my own telomere length over 1200 base pairs in 2-3 years and validated it with 3 separate telomere tests including the most valid.

Other things I told you about were high fat low carb diets, fish oil and telomeres and longevity, stem cells and inflammation modulationsleep and its effect on your cells and how you age.

Now I am not going to stomp my feet and cry out loud that no one is listening to me but I will say this: all the people who wrote [eafl id=”2395″ name=”The Immortality Edge” text=”negative reviews”] of our book on Amazon never came back and admitted we were right.

Not one.

So what has happened since then?

Since then I have seen the emergence of tons of “new thought leaders” who I never heard of.  Of those I did know of beforehand, more than one of them were critical of my writings over the past years in public.

Now they all seem to be singing the “Telomere Tune”.  I gave a recent speech at the A4M Orlando on lifestyle and its effect on telomere length.  Do you realize it has been 7 years since they asked me to speak on this topic?

I have my theories on why that is related to the fact that I “sell things on the internet” but let me tell you something.  Selling those things on the internet has put me into a position where I can now afford to do some studies and research that I have not been able to do in the past including working with BioStem Technologies. So for all of you who have been loyal supporters over the past decade and a half and of course my new friends, I thank you.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski will continue to be a telomere guinea pig so you don’t have to.

I make the same promise I made back then- I will continue to bring you what really works. I will continue to be a guinea pig so you don’t have to and I will not recommend anything for you I do not use myself.

Have any of those famous TV gurus you’ve seen said that to you?

Now here is the tough part. As much as I want you to live the longest healthiest life you can I am not going to argue with you or try to convince you.  In the words of rapper Sweet Brown, I ain’t got time fo’dat!!!!

Frankly I would be doing what I do for myself and a few loved ones even if no one knew who I was.

But the good news is you can come along.

This coming week I will update you more on the telomere story.


Til’ then keep Singin’!!!!


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