Pandemic Threats- Great Days Ahead!

With the resurgence of Covid 19 cases in certain areas of the country and the current unstable situation I have gotten a lot of questions and comments about Covid and how to protect one’s self. Along of course with the usual accusations of downright callousness and in a few cases ad hominum attacks for my stance on what’s really going on.

Today I will attempt to clear up some of the obfuscation but first a quote attributed to Dan Kennedy. This applies to so many walks of life and in my case it’s more of a bell weather tell than a deliberate approach.

“Half the world wakes up expecting to be pissed off. Don’t disappoint them!” I’d venture it’s more than that these days. I actually have a simple affirmation that my “demon” as I call him- that thing that says what he feels immediately as I transition from sleep to awake, tells me.

Here it is – repeated in a few times as you wake up, “It’s going to be great day!” Say it with feeling and belief and maybe a little mental picture or better yet, a state or sensation of enjoying the cool things in the day.

It never fails me!

Several months ago I was asked when things would get back to “normal”. My answer then and now is “after the election and as soon as we have a vaccine that is even halfway effective”. I preface that by saying “normal” will not ever be normal – we’ll simply forget and the news cycle will finally change. And few vaccines will ever be more than halfway effective since they depend on the condition of the host (you and me).

But the events of the past few days should, if nothing, point to how much “agenda” matters in the face of something that is supposed to be the equivalent of the black plague!

So, I want to tell you a few things and remind you of a few things.

The euphoria that change brings is usually overhyped and short lived. When Covid is “finally conquered”, or rather takes its place among other known viruses, the release of all the social isolation emotions will be massive. You will find that socially isolating humans does far more damage to some (many!) and to the creative/economic energies of people (again some!) than any virus.

Then you have the outliers like me, who thrive anytime, anywhere, every time, everywhere. Those of you who filled up my coaching programs 4 weeks ago (in less than 2 days!) are on your way to realizing those secrets. Just a heads up: The next round will start the first week of January. If it fills up as fast as the one in October did you will see minimal notice and you’ll need to act fast. If you want to be added to the wait list contact my customer service number or reply to this email but do it now as that list is already over half full! You can reach me at or at (610) 888-4608, but you need to act now.

The questions that surround this pandemic have only been clarified in the past few days. If it is true that the release of a vaccine and the rumors of lightening the lockdown are magically tied to our election then there are really only two possibilities: 1) You’ve been lied to all along OR 2) You are being lied to right now. Viruses don’t care who is in the Oval Office! I will leave it to you to decide but I am going to air on the side of caution as I usually do with my own health! I don’t think we are anywhere near done with Covid and we are certainly not done with all the other usual viruses.

That season is just beginning, be prepared!

Next as far as Covid is concerned, it’s spread by viral load. This is why asymptomatic/minimally symptomatic people are not all that dangerous. They are not coughing and sneezing enough viral particles to infect you.

What are the variables?

As I’ve said before: your immune system, your immune system, your immune system. If you are weakened by co-morbidities or around people that are you should do everything in your power to minimize EVERYONE’s Risk!!! This is just common sense and applies to the SEASON not just the Virus.

Next variable: The number of “viral receptors” you have in your upper airways. This is actually something that changes with age – older people have more. As you might expect sick people often have more. The main exception is asthma. Contrary to intuition, allergic asthmatics generally have fewer “ACE” receptors which makes them less susceptible as a whole.

This is the basis of the Covid Wellness Kit which I feel prevents or lessens (remember viral load is important even if you don’t fully prevent attachment) viral and bacterial attachment to the receptors in your upper airways. The mask is just the delivery system. The protection may be from the essential oils. Just a friendly reminder, if you already have the kit, we sell just the replacement oils for those of you who’ve run out!!

Next variable: air circulation. The reason why most people do not get Covid during flights is the massive and continuous circulation and purification of the air in the cabin. The most dangerous part of the flight is boarding and disembarking because it’s apparently impossible for people to be patient and keep distance during this time. It surprises me that no one has actually marketed air circulation units for home and restaurants and named them “Covid”. Then again you can just open your windows and turn on the heating/cooling fan in your home for 20 minutes a few times a day. Yes it wastes heat and AC but your priorities are your choices!

Next variable: your country of residence. If you are Swedish or live in Sweden you can pretty much eschew masks and lockdown and not have any increase in risk. This is in spite of Sweden’s generous immigration policies. Of note non-Swedish immigrants in Sweden do have higher risk of morbidity and mortality because they seek medical care much later. Learn from this and get help if you need it!

That same reason seems to be at the root of the increased number of “at home” deaths from heart attack and stroke in the USA. Contrary to the media narrative that number is because people are afraid of going to the hospital, not because Covid is causing more heart attacks (although all respiratory viruses including influenza are well documented to cause multi organ system failure).

Which brings me to the last thing variable I want to remind you of: poor protoplasm. If you are a doctor and have been around as long as I have you know what that means. It means overall bad health!

Obesity, hypertension, and underlying other chronic major health issues accompany the harder to diagnose variable of the health of your immune system and in a little know fact, all of them directly affect the health of your immune system! Did I mention how important it is to have a healthy immune system.

And now finally my non political and nonscientific reminder the biggest damage/protection comes from your overall health, especially your immune system, and the unintended consequences of social isolation will prove to be far more damaging than the virus itself.

Nothing beats Peace of Mind and nothing will insure and ensure your ability to thrive more than what I have been teaching and will teach again in my coaching programs.

Stay Tuned, Stay Well and Stay Above the Energetic Clouds. Be Your Own Engine!!!

Yours in Total Health!


Dr Dave

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