The Second Coming- Are You Ready

She walked into the room tears streaming down her face and announced “MY Daughter has Covid!” The word “Covid” was more ejected/spat from her mouth than spoken. Thoughts of droplet nuclei spread aside I could see she was just about to go into a full-blown panic attack.

So, I asked a few questions about age and symptoms: 28 years young, otherwise healthy low-grade fever and an occasional cough. Mostly tired and a bit of loss of taste. Functional? Fully. Any immediate danger of dehydration? None. Shall we talk to her? “Oh yes YES please!”

The conversation that followed can be summed up as follows: Her daughter had some mild symptoms and had to be tested because she was coming from LA to Maine and could not travel from a hotbed without either showing a negative test or positive anti-body response. The result of her tests ended any hope of traveling for a few weeks.

Otherwise she had a cold. Basically, just a cold. But it had a name: COVID and with that name was attached all the panic and fear and trepidation that the media has blasted through our consciousness for the past 8 months. What a field day for them. They don’t have to cover terrorism airplane crashes horrific car wrecks or financial disasters. They don’t even have to give much bandwidth to the election.

Covid! Say it out loud 3 times and feel the terror panic and fear it invokes. Feel the anger it invokes in the people who can’t understand why YOU don’t react the way they do. You should be quaking in your boots and shitting in your pants!!! But hey, somehow you survived or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Now let’s be clear. There is a corona virus and I personally have made some mistakes.

I have to admit I was wrong.

I thought Covid would have done what most viruses have done – died of in the summer only to return in the winter in a mutated form..While the so called family of “corona viruses” can thrive in warmer weather up until this point they have not.

The infectivity of this virus is higher than most although when you actually look at the morbidity and mortality in the biggest part of the population it fulfills one of the 3 things, I was taught my very first day in med school.

The were:

  1. Look to your left and look to your right – one of you will NOT be here in 4 years!
  2. The patient is the one with the disease
  3. Pneumonia is the old man’s friend! This one in particular is germane to what we are seeing in the Covid pandemic.

I have to restate a few things to curb the hate mail and censorship. There is a virus called covid that is particularly deadly to the old, sick and infirm. It is not particularly more than a nuisance to MOST younger health people. This is well documented. I will address the tragic case of outliers in a moment.

The week the CDC stopped surveilling for Influenza to “focus on Covid” influenza pneumonia deaths reached epidemic proportions. In that same week more children under the age of 3 died of influenza than the entire Covid epidemic up to that point. In ONE WEEK! Where was the news media on that?!? Where were all the lobbyists on that?!!!

I have tremendous compassion and sorrow for anyone who has lost a loved one to this or any other respiratory virus but sadly this is bound to happen and we have made at least a little progress so far in treating. A vaccine will help but it will not help those who need it most – the immunosenesced.

Finally, there are trillions with a “T” dollars invested in this “covid industry” without even touching on the political ramifications of election year politics.

The inadequacy of the medical system to handle the case volumes in some cases has resulted in a super fast spend of those trillions of dollars. We now have a viral pandemic industry and after years of decline and lack of interest by Big Pharma, the Vaccine industry has risen from the ashes big time.

Think you might not be forced to take a vaccine with at best 50% efficacy? Think again! Have you ever in your life seen so much censorship of free speech in the name of public health or anything else for that matter. I have been here for 6+ decades and I have NEVER seen the like!

Translation: no matter what you believe someone, somewhere is making obscene amounts of money and will continue to do so from this from human suffering. And in the name of curtailing said suffering your personal rights will be eroded for “the good of others and society”.

If that doesn’t send chills up your spine then you are perfect for the coming agenda.

Finally: masks don’t work like most think they work. Oh boy to the thought police hate this one and want to squash it ASAP. So here is the argument. Scent molecules like perfume can be smelled way over 10 feet away and are very very tiny compared to coronavirus particles. Size does of course matter and one would hope that the 100X larger corona virus particle might work very well especially to prevent spread by droplet nuclei which should be much, much larger.

The reasons masks don’t work is because people are idiots and the rules are not uniform. That alone is reason enough. My scientific colleagues insist that in theory masks can at least slow down the transmission of the virus by droplet nuclei. In theory they are one hundred percent correct. And is some prevention better than none? From a purely logistic standpoint marginal policies that slow down the virus spread may buy time for some geographically overloaded medical systems to catch up.

But people seem to have to go out to eat. And lo and behold we all of a sudden don’t need masks. We can eat and drink and be merry and hope that social distancing is observed.

Ever been on an airplane during covid? I have. Here is what happens. The same thing as always: if you are in coach you are in touching distance of dozens of people. When someone wants to let you know they are in the middle seat they tap you on the shoulder instead of the no contact way of simply saying it. Same in First Class.

Ask me how I know!

And when the flight attendant says. “We will be deplaning by rows so wait until your row is called to stand up and gather your luggage. Guess what happens?! They don’t say an fxxxin word and everybody jumps into the aisle jostling for their bags and trying to get out of the sardine can as fast as possible.

Ask me how I know!

Now understand I am still traveling. I just got back from a Yoga retreat in Miami, I’m heading to Ashville shortly and then to Lisbon Portugal for a medical conference (having an MD does indeed open doors!). I will abide by the rules, but I do not expect them to do much to protect me.

The whole half assed thing (pun intended) suffers from complete lack of enforceability and compliance and we settle for months of economic decline and idiotic mask policies.

It’s easy to look through the restospectascope and accuse people of poor leadership let me tell you this NO ONE handled it right! Not us, not Canada, not the UK, not Italy, not Germany although the political fall out and blame is quite variable.

The simple answer would have been this, although equally unenforceable: close down everything for 2-4 weeks. Stay in your homes. No flights, no trains, no nonessential travel and NO restaurants period. Then use that time to sequester the high-risk population and protect them if they could not do it themselves or allow them (as many have) to hunker down while the rest of the world reactivated and brought things back up to speed. And by that time the illness would have rippled thought just about everyone the way it’s going to do anyway and there would at least be some semblance of herd immunity although like Lyme disease it appears you can get the virus more than once.

Now what about the tragic cases of young “healthy” people that make headline news?

Immunity is a very complex thing. We do not have accurate simple inexpensive ways or even an understanding of how immunity works. There are many people out there who have mild or not so mild immune deficiencies that remain undiagnosed or are simply not telling people about their illness for fear of social ostracization. In addition, you can temporarily put yourself in a high-risk group.

Be middle aged and go out and vape and drink for a weekend and skip sleep. And then party with some people who might be harboring the virus with minimal symptoms. Guess who is going to get sick?!

So, this brings me to my final reiteration.

Your viral immunity is up to YOU!

Follow the guidelines so you don’t make others sick until we accept that we do have to protect a small percentage of the population more aggressively to decrease morbidity and mortality or simply accept that lots of people will die as they always do in viral pandemics. Remember at bests masks reduce transmission by 50% and in my opinion ALL of us will eventually be exposed to this virus.

But for yourself – BOOST YOUR FRIGGIN’ Immune system anyway you can and protect yourself! I cannot imagine a stronger more natural defense for this and any other virus (or cancer surveillance for that matter!) than a boosted immune system.

Here is what I do. I take Telokynase daily. As we move into the aggressive parts of the season, I take 2-3 caps a day instead of the recommended 1. WE have sold off half of the Telokynase shipment we just got in. It WILL NOT last!

This in spite of the high price. People get it! The real question is, if there are no really good barrier methods in place, if the virus is not going to be seasonal but year round, if the number of cases is spiking (in spite of the fact that we are testing 6x as many people daily than at the “peak” of the pandemic) and finally if there are not really good ways to diagnose everyone who is at high risk, CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN.

Only you can answer that personally. I am simply sharing what I do and what I continue to do.

WE ARE stuck with this like it or not. The Second Coming is HERE to stay.

What are YOU going to do about it IN these times of uncertainty you need to take the Best Care of You EVER!!!

Stick around please because I need people to play with!!!!

Dr Dave

PS remember Immune Boost 2.0 and the wellness kits are also still available as are the Immortality Edge Packs. We’re still experiencing significant manufacturing delays and doing our best to keep up, please bear with us and we’ll keep you posted!

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