Announcing a New Product Stem Stim Hair Growth!

Ok I need your full attention for few minutes because stem cells are pretty close to Rocket Science and I don’t want to mislead or confuse you.

  1. Stem Stim HF is a real bona fide stem cell derived product- I am not just using the words “stem cell” to entice you. You may recall I have been involved in the field for 6 years now and you may have even visited me at the clinic in Guadalajara.
  2. Stem Stim HF is a very special product and requires very special handling, but first a description. This product contains the by products of stem cell expansion- the growth factors that stem cells secrete when they multiply. It is made by growing cells, removing them for other therapies, purifying the media with filters (200 micron and smaller) sterilizing it and then concentrating the biochemical messengers.
  3. Two Big Bottom Lines on #2- it’s expensive, and it is a bit more fragile than our regular products so it has to be shipped Express Mail on ice. Simple directions are included.
  4. #3 means YOU need to be there when it comes because it will shorten the half life and reduce the effectiveness if it gets warm. We ship express and the product should arrive to you and be immediately stored in your refrigerator.  It should be room temp or colder.  Depending on where you live it may still be frozen.
  5. #4 Means DON’T ORDER it if you are not going to be home or are on vacation!!!

And wait there is more.  You are getting this specific email because you are one of my Best Customers!

But we only have 25 bottles so its totally first come first served and NO Backorders at this time

Stem Stim HF is shipped in 30cc amber bottles with droppers already inserted. Each dropper holds about half a cc so the bottle should last you 6 weeks.

Most of our testers started seeing new hair growth at 3 weeks’ time with daily use.  All of them grew new hair even people who were totally bald*

It’s pretty amazing to see hair growing in spots where its been gone for over a decade.

Personally, I used it on my receding hair line and by the time I went for a hair cut I had bangs!  I have not had bangs since I was a teenager.

Additionally, I did not lose the new hair even when I stopped using it for a few months, so don’t worry too much about running out and not being able to reorder because I do plan on making more although it takes 6-8 weeks because we have to grow the cells and put in a ton of work to make the product.

The cost is $250/bottle which includes Express shipping on ice.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and yeah, it’s a vanity product not an absolute necessity like fish oil but man I love having hair.

I posted one of the before and after series on the product page. LOTS more to come!

Again: 25 bottles and we won’t have more until at least late October.  So, don’t dawdle, ACT NOW.

Oh yeah one of our women testers used it on her eyebrows and her scalp and had great results- just don’t get it in your eyes (you won’t grow the proverbial hairy eyeball but it’s a waste of the product!).

There is an FAQ page if you need more info.

But act now because again, its first come first served no backorders. You can order more than one bottle but at this point I can’t discount it more.  Its going to retail for more than this when we ramp up production.




*Since the FDA has certified hair growth products like minoxidil and Propecia I cannot and do not make a hair growth claims- I only tell you what I have seen in our testers.  Your results may be different and generally speaking, nothing works in everyone. As for totally bald users, what we have seen is new vellus hair, meaning you will not be a stand in for Planet of the Apes but you may see new short “baby hair” in the time frame of 3-6 weeks.  I honestly don’t know just how much hair growth will occur in bald people but I suspect it will take a long chronic usage. Since the product is fairly new (testing began in April) we don’t have a lot of long term experience yet. So far no one has had any side effects of any kind other than mild tingling scalp.

The product will only work on areas that have or have had hair follicles.  Bald spots from childhood, patchy beards that have never been full or continuous since youth will not respond.  Only places where hair follicles are or were present at one time in our experience.

Remember this product should be stored in the fridge. If you are not going to use it right away then freeze it and thaw it when you are.  Fridge shelf life is 4 to 6 months, in the freezer it’s 1 year+.

The product is manufactured in GMP ISO9001 facilities with a  class 5 Clean room. It is made under sterile conditions but is not packaged under sterile conditions. Bottom line TOPICAL USE only, don’t inject it!!!!!

Remember in spite of what I have seen personally and in the testers, we cannot guarantee or even make hair growth claims without running afoul of the FDA or FTC.  So this is not to be considered a hair growth drug!!!!



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