Going Going Gone- My New Hair Loss Formula is Selling Out Fast

Ok I made a mistake!

I sent an email out this morning on what is about to become a holiday weekend and lots of people are going on vacation.

I was so excited about Stem Stim HF my new and truly remarkable hair restoration formula- derived from real stem cells- that I went ahead and launched.

A few hours later one person bought the first batch of the paltry 25 bottles we have.

Now that may sound abysmal but only 100 of my best customers got the email and not a whole lot of people opened it.

Until we sent out the second one!

Then WHAM it started selling like hot cakes!

This is a special product with special handling so I understand if some of you won’t be around immediately after Labor Day when we send it out on ICE ( yes frozen water!).

But if you are and you want the special introductory pricing of $250 Express mail postpaid and on ice you need to act now because with this burst of new interest the product will be gone by tomorrow.

If you need hair restoration act now.

Dr Dave

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