Day 4 Super Sale!!!

IS YOUR diet changing for the Holiday Season?  Do you think you’ll be putting on weight?

Will you eat and drink too much at least once in the next 3 weeks and be sorry you did?!!!

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I promise you YOUR GUT needs a break.

The featured product today is Pro Life Ultra PB Probiotic.

Now, this product should really be a daily one for everyone but let’s face it NOW more than EVER because of what we do to ourselves over the holidays.

There are other stresses beside not-so-great dietary choices that mess up your microbiome (gut bacteria).  We are now about to hit full swing in flu season. It may seem counter intuitive to you but your gut, specifically your microbiome is critical to ALL kinds of immunity.  Bad gut bugs=Bad Immune response. And if flu isn’t enough for you, how about the “Common Cold”?!  It wouldn’t be so common if we all had healthy microbiomes!

Then there is the calories are not calories fact.  Your gut bacteria determine how may calories you extract from food and they are responsible for adding or subtracting up to 20% of those calories by their metabolism of your food prior to absorption.

Not enough?

How about all those wonderful Longevity Edge Vitamins you’ve been stocking up on during our 12 Days of Christmas Sale?!

Want to get the most out of them. Guess what! I’ve often told you they are always in the best format for absorption and that is true. But, a heck of a lot of this absorption also depends on your gut bacteria.

Pro  Life Ultra PB has exactly the right amounts and types of microbiome building bacteria in the protected buffered capsule along with a pre-biotic to make sure they grow well when they get where they need to be.

You have more bacteria in your Gut than you do cells in Your Body!!! That’s how important to your overall Health this is!!!

So, give your Gut a Gift for the Holidays.

Wishing you Fun, Joy, Community and a Happy Gut!!!


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