Hey! Its 3 for 2 Friday!!!

I’ve been on a bit of a roll this week, and despite all the bean counters crying foul, I’ve decided I’m going to do what I want. I’m happy taking a pay cut if it means I get to make the best researched, most effective stuff on earth and get it out to the people I care about. They say when you do what you love, the money doesn’t matter. I can’t tell you how much that resonates with me.

First Up

Is our amazing Sweet Sleep Z- a stand out among all natural Sleep Aids, especially in this time of Seasonal Affective Depression! I’ll be perfectly honest with you – this isn’t a top seller of ours. It might not even be top 10.

I keep it on the shelves for 2 simple reasons

  1. I absolutely insist on putting the highest quality, most effective things into my body. There is literally nothing else out there that even compares to Sweet Sleep Z, and it shows every time I use it. I’d continue making this even if it was just for my own personal use – it’s that good.
  2. Sleep is the cornerstone of health, a frequently overlooked and oversimplified cornerstone, but it’s there. It literally effects every facet of your life, from the time you wake up until you lay back down again at night. It’s like changing your diet – you don’t know what you’re missing until you actually take charge and fix it. I guarantee there are people reading this right now who don’t get a good nights sleep and don’t even know how much better they could feel.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try for a few nights, I’ll be right here when you send me a note say “Doc, boy were you right”. You certainly won’t be the first!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Next Up:

We’ve got Toco Q, the most recent product of ours to receive a face lift. This sits center stage in my Daily Dose Pack for a very simple reason I’ll explain below.

This should about sum it up..

I start talking about the mitochondria with the less informed, and their eyes glaze over. I’ve been talking to you about it for years, so I know that you know better. It’s literally the engine that drives you.

If it moves, divides, exports, imports, ejects, ejaculates, swims, wiggles, flexes, swells, secretes, grows or repairs, it requires mitochondria!!!

Do you do any of that on a regular basis? Of course! Ok so now comes the REAL QUESTION: Whaddya gonna do about it?! Restore optimal function to your mitochndria! I know, it doesn’t sound sexy, but it works. Seems like something that should sit center stage, right?

This is the real mitochondria supplement.

You’ve heard all the latest and greatest and firstest with the mostest things like Pterostilbene and other so called “super mitochondrial supplements”. I’ve read the research and have found that whole house of cards is based on 1 or 2 rat studies – nothing more. Sorry but while rats are useful, they do not constitute a reliable basis for your human health.

Now if you read about Reduced Co Q and Tocotrienol in our Unique Combination and you will be saying “Shame on You” to the hyperbolic individuals who make all kinds of claims about their mitochondrial products. One major company threatened us with a lawsuit because we were “damaging their business” with this incredible product. I’ll let you guess who but the bottom line is stuff like that doesn’t happen if you are not real and genuine. As they say BS walks! Don’t let your Mitochondria be BS’d.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free

So it’s simple.

Buy 2 and get your 3rd absolutely FREE! Just use the links above, and your discount will be automatically applied.

Who knows I may do more of this but…. If you like the idea let me know!!!!

Happy longer warmer days ahead!

Dr Dave

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