Brains and Brawn- The Role of Fish Oil in Both!

You’ve probably heard that over 60% of your brain is fat.

You may have heard that a large amount of that fat is DHA on half of the Fish Oil Equation.

Let me remind you of an old adage right now that is often forgotten in the marketing hype to distinguish products.  There has been a recurrent tendency to focus on only DHA for brain health because the other half of Fish Oil EPA is not found in the human brain.  

There is at least a small amount of EPA converted to DHA right at the blood brain barrier. About 20% of the Brain’s DHA comes from this conversion. So if you have no EPA in your system, this conversion cannot take place.  The other bigger reason is if you take just DHA, you are pretty much neglecting the non-brain portions of your body. also known as everything else which runs on EPA!!!!

So if you haven’t today…

Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Take a nice big dose of fish oil (4-6 caps a day of my stuff, 12+ elsewhere) and you’ll serve both the head and the body!

Now there are a ton of other reasons that Omega 3’s are great for your brain that transcend just membrane biology – as I mentioned above the oft cited “much of the fat in your brain cells is DHA”-we’re talking about cell membranes. There are neurotransmitters, inflammatory and anti-inflammatory chemicals, hormones and much more that rely on Omega 3’s.

Did you know that skeletal muscle is also highly influenced by the amount of fish oil you have in your system. Muscle is one of the main places where sugar can be cleared from your body by the action of insulin and other hormones.  Fish oil improves that uptake. In today’s world of rampant diabetes that is pretty darn important. It’s also critical for muscle recovery if you are an athlete!

There’s a huge reason I harp on fish oil all the time, there are countless area’s a proper dose will help you with. People literally write to me everyday telling me their story, how the right dose of the right stuff changed their lives. I look forward to hearing from you!

So, take your fish oil and get the best of brains and brawn all at once!


1 thought on “Brains and Brawn- The Role of Fish Oil in Both!”

  1. Robert L Rickenbaugh

    I am a colon cancer survivor of 8 years by natural methods 82 years old. I take Dr Dave’s fish oil and Immortality products. I am in super shape, feel, look and act much younger. Dr Dave’s products are super.
    Dr Robert L Rickenbaugh

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