It worked for Monica

Famous by associationI get it now.

Some of the “big gun” internet docs want to be the Ted Turner of the internet. Sadly, all the money they are investing to control the media and medium known as cyberspace will be wasted when the next permutation of the internet comes out. I am not talking about a different app or way of access; I am talking about a completely new way to use cyberspace where all the rules will be very different.

I know the copy cats are reading… I can almost hear them sweating. ‘What does he mean? What is he talking about?’ After all I am a creative type and for the past few years have been providing free content for the so-called experts to rip off and build their empires.

Excuse me, I should say “meaningful content” for their business teams and copywriters.

So I will say no more, but the next thing will be of the same revolutionary nature as the internet itself, a totally new and different way to communicate.

You see, the problems with people who bank on the internet and want to own it is they have missed the one new and cardinal rule of things these days. They change faster than the human mind can almost get a grip on and they change for reasons and in ways that are unpredictable. But I guarantee this just, as with solving the aging problems, someone somewhere out there is 2 to 3 years max away from the next revolution in communication.

So when the new things arrives in 2 to 3 years, all that money spent on turning the internet into a cyber version of television with just a few dominant channels will be wasted. Just as has happened to TV.

And as far as my predictive powers, they have been spot on for the past 10 years.

Remember you are reading the words of someone who touted fish oil while krill was still being sold as “brine shrimp” in pet food stores.

And you are reading the words of a true telomere expert, one who in a few short months will be a published author (not a self published author!) of the only real source of information on what to take to preserve and lengthen your telomeres.

Hint: it is not protein powder. I have tested compounds with a real lab over the past year so I know what works to induce telomerase and what does not. Protein powder does not or I would be touting my own superior product for this purpose.

In addition I can tell you that some of the so-called experts barely knew what the word “telomere” meant until a few short moths ago.

Also some of you have inquired about my “4 Pillars of Health” and wondered if it would be back in print. Apparently, however, some of you who also read the big guns of internet docs forwarded me a site of a doctor new guy on the block who 1) has no original meaningful content of his own 2) Sells only other peoples stuff (wanna guess whose stuff?!) 3) is brand new to the internet and has no site data.

But he does have (surprise, surprise) the “5 Pillars of Health”. Gee I wonder where he got that idea. The same place his bosses get most of their ideas:

You guys better hope that I keep doing what I do or you will run out of free, easy, cheap and meaningful content that you can scrape and claim credit for.

As for the new guy who is clearly a lackey to the bigger sources: I wish you luck.

Who knows, you may indeed get famous by association.

Hey, it worked for Monica Lewinsky.

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