Andre’s routine – level 1

I get a lot of requests for “free workout advice”. Since I write so much in my newsletters I wasn’t sure what people meant. They apparently meant “a routine”. Well I have lots of those so I hope you enjoy this one. You asked, you get!

My current weight loss project is a young man named Andre who has been doing what I tell him now for about 2 months. He takes fish oil and protein powder and we are slowly getting him to be more “Paleo” on his diet. So far he has lost about 22 pounds.

Here is one of his Level 1 routines. He is a young man with only a few orthopedic issues so we can do a lot of fun stuff.

If you are out of shape, older or have joint issues use a little creativity and modify these routines.

Always do this workout on a soft surface.

Start with The Matrix from JC Santana (bend and reach one leg forward at a time in 8 directions as if you were picking up something from off the ground, 8 reps in each direction with each leg – ultimately can be done with light weights). As you get better, start adding speed.

Note: our product, Fabulous Fat Loss for Everyone, contains one of JC’s master work DVD’s as well as one of his Superbands to help you do the right kinds of exercises the right way!

Eight one quarter mile “laps” at a track or even around your place of work. I measure out the distance using an inexpensive roller with a “how many feet meter” on it. A GPS will work fine as well.

Do speed running (don’t try sprinting until you’ve done at least 6 of these workouts) for one quarter of your lap distance and then backwards, side to side and carioca for 20 to 30 steps each until you have covered the same distance in reverse. Then walk back to where you started your backwards running and either jog or walk as briskly as you can.

If you are not in running shape, then just walk at the best speed you can. As author and friend Phil Campbell says, “The goal is to get breathless for about 30 seconds and then recover.”

On the 3rd lap, add in 20 step bear crawls. – next lap alligator crawls – next lap high knees (all 20 steps up the short part of the hill).

Bear crawls are done like this: Get on your hands and knees. Next, bring your butt up in the air, unbending your knees about half way. Now start moving. The closer you can keep your knees to the ground the faster you can move but the harder it is.

Alligator walks are done as follows: Lay flat on your belly. Now raise up on your forearms and shins for support. Move the opposite hand and leg and slither along for 20 to 30 yards, more if you are in great shape. Again, speed increases the difficulty.

Always do these exercises on a soft surface and if you can’t get down into position, substitute a plank (think of a well centered pushup that stays in the up position) for 30 to 120 seconds.

On the 6th lap, pause at the top and stretch the hips, groin, hamstrings and quads.

After 8 laps completed, do metabolic chest with the JC Predator or the Superband, included in Fabulous Fat Loss for Everyone. Start with pink bands (2 inserted, one removed) attached to a railing.

20 regular pushups.

20 band punches, each side.

10 to 20 flies, full range of motion, at 10th (or 5th) rep switch leg forward.

Then 10 to 20 explosive pushups.

Again, if you have to modify your pushups, do so by inclining them, not by doing them from the knees. If you are really weak in the chest you can simply lean against the wall for starters and do your pushups that way.

That is it for today and if you like this, let me know and I will post some more of Andre’s workouts as free info. But only if I hear from YOU!!!

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