‘Tis the Season

Cancel Thanksgiving! Cancel Christmas!! Cancel Everything – Corona is back with a Vengeance!

Sort of.

There has been a new surge in cases which is apparently due to the election politics. Delays in action, large gatherings (although only political rallies count, protests seem to be immune from spreading the virus somehow). And I do need to remind you there has never been this kind of extended testing for a virus in the history of mankind for anything close to this length of time. Surprise surprise the more we test the more we find and the more scary headlines we get to read.

And then there my favorite stat – “it has been estimated the chance of someone at your Thanksgiving table having Covid is 100%.”

It has also been estimated that choosing chocolate ice cream for dessert instead of vanilla increases your chances of a serious car crash by 20%

Apparently, my family didn’t get that memo as we are having our annual gathering. And I guarantee chocolate ice cream is on the menu!

Now one more stat: estimated mortality worldwide is 3.4% so over 96.6% of people who get Covid do not die. But have no fear – a horrible fate awaits you either way as the occasional post Covid syndromes that have appeared with every respiratory virus are paraded through the media along with as much other personal tragedy as you can stand or maybe can’t. the actual rate of post covid complications of a serious nature appears to be quite low but there is no % associated with it. The explanation is that this is a “new disease”. But somehow the Thanksgiving table stat got a percentage.

Go figure!

Suicide rates are up, depression, divorce, spousal abuse and child abuse are the unintended consequences of Social Isolation. The suicide stat ranges anywhere from a 1% increase to a 145% increase depending on the following: what population you are looking at, co morbid mental illness and in my opinion the need for headlines!

Somehow the divorce rates have a singular solid stat: 34% increase.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The social/economic damage done by Social Isolation far outweighs the direct damage caused by the disease to society as a whole.

Please understand I extend my sympathy and compassion to anyone who has suffered a loss through this sequence of events – including those who have suffered from the numerous unending consequences of social isolation. My cartooning of the statistics is merely to point out how little actual fact is being brought forth by the sources we have most relied on.

And, I am not being snide or full of hubris but I have noticed that people who have figured out how to thrive, thrive in any environment. And the fakers well, they just pretend as usual.

I am so very gratified at how many of you have expressed an interest in the upcoming 2021 “Breaking the Chains” Coaching class! Its over half full with just one announcement! So, if you want to be on the waitlist now is the time. I will make one more announcement and that should close the books for the foreseeable future. But don’t delay… go here and sign in NOW!

I will be releasing more details in a week or so along with a specific sign up sheet for the various programs.

Bottom Line: I know how my 2021 is going to go… If you are ready and you do too sign up to the list Right Now! Do not become one of the negative statistics!!!

And be ready to have Your Best Year Ever and Break the Chains of fear, inaction, doubt and loss of confidence!

IN the meantime, as we approach what used to be called the Holiday season, I am going to tell you exactly how I am handling what I will always call the panicdemic!

You see I prefer to be proactive about how I personally deal with things rather than sit and be programmed as to what I am “supposed to think” and revel in the horro of all the negativity and negative statistics.


Here it is what I have done and continue to do:

First make some of the “Covid Cleanser” spray cleaner I detailed on my instagram

Use that to clean your house and spray some into your ventilation ducts and heating ducts.

Next open your windows for 20 minutes, 1-2X a day and run your house fan or a large stationary fan to circulate the air. If you are in an apartment this should be especially easy!!!!

Next arm your immune system.

In addition to the Telomerase Activator Telokynase I also make an upgraded version of Immune Booster and of course the ever popular Covid Wellness Kits which are just as likely to be effective against other viruses and bacteria.

Now as far as cancelling events that is going to be up to you. Remember you can be “exposed” to Covid and not get any kind of clinical infection. If you remain asymptomatic or minimally so you are not likely to infectious or not “very infectious” since the symptomatology is directly related to the viral load and the viral load is directly related to how infectious you are.

I am not cancelling anything because I have 100% faith in my products and in my immune system but that is just me.

Always err on the side of your best judgement and caution.

But it doesn’t hurt to stack the odds in your favor!!!

Dr Dave

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