Surrender But Don’t Give Yourself Away!

“Now is the Time to Do What You are Told!”

That is a direct quote from Dr Anthony Fauci who is, in spite of his real title “Career Civil Servant” and Head of the NIH’s Allergy and Immunology Section is now making Public Policy for us.

Part of doing what you are told is avoiding Holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanza. Honestly it’s really hard for me to contain myself especially when I think about what is happening to our children with this social isolation. Does the news media publicize the significant increase in deaths and violence against children during the pandemic? I wonder which pandemic we are talking about. As mentioned before divorce rates are up 34% since February 2020.

I will not repeat everything I’ve said since last February but I do want you to ponder a few things.

Just so I would not be completely biased by the events in our country, I have read some books on the Covid “crisis” from Germany, a country that has led continental Europe in policy and one whose experience with this virus predates ours by a few weeks. The official government policy was that the Health Care system was going to be overwhelmed. This did not happen to the point where they were able to accommodate transfers from Italy into German hospitals.

Like the U.S. they invested heavily in a lot of ventilators. A strategy that proved unnecessary and is becoming increasingly apparent is the cause of barro trauma and secondary infections leading to cardio pulmonary shock in covid patients. The suspicion is that this is a huge cause of mortality and that people are dying with covid, not of it, in many cases. There were hundreds of millions of dollars spent in that county to build new hospitals rapidly to accommodate the huge numbers of sick people- most are almost completely empty.

IN this pandemic thousands of U.S. physicians have been placed on administrative leave due to a huge drop in out patient and emergency room visit.

IN both Germany and the U.S there has been an estimated 10% increase in heart attack and stroke deaths because people are avoiding hospitalization and dying at home of these already hugely fatal diseases.

Both countries’ media and governments have publicly endorsed the concept of a deadly second wave.

IN Germany memos from a confidential meeting of their Corona Virus task force included a huge focus on widespread testing because “the actual numbers of deaths would appear too trivial!” This was the statement of a medical expert panel!!!!

How interesting is this parallel: Just yesterday we reached a milestone in the U.S extensive testing- testing that is far larger than any other virus ever in the history of mankind showed 10,000,000 people in the U.S have been exposed to Covid 19. There have been 247,000 people who tested positive for Covid at or near their time of death in the U.S. Again, I am not unsympathetic to people who have lost loved ones to this virus, but it is not all that surprising or that different especially in the elderly population with comorbidities.

“Pneumonia is the old man’s friend.”

The 2009 H1N1 pandemic had a lower death rate but 60 million + positive cases. You never saw that stat in the news.

The majority of people who die of Covid are elderly with co morbidities. For decades prior to this so called mild covid viruses (not Covid19, there are many others you know!) have caused up to 8% mortality in nursing homes. This approximates the death rate of Covid-19 in this year’s pandemic.

The 2019-2020 influenza death rate in children tied a world record set in 2017-2018. Did we hear about that?

The course of a year’s pandemic in Finland nearly identically mirrors the world-wide experience. It’s nearly a mirror image! Only thing is the data analyzed in Finland was from their 1998 Flu season!

And then there is the sad case of Denmark where people are now the cause of Corona virus in mink. I wonder if the vet hospitals are swamped and where is PETA when you need them!!!!

There has always been a flu season and always been a Covid season since the early 60’s (again just not Covid-19 but a total of 7 Corona viruses),

A few months ago, Israel heralded a spectacular “second wave” of SARS Covid 19 deaths. Their death rate tripled! They neglected to mention it went from 2 deaths to 6 deaths in one month. Was there even a first wave!?

But thank God we have a vaccine soon. But wait vaccines have never (ever!) been more than 50% effective. Vaccines do a far poorer job protecting the elderly with comorbidities and weak immune systems – the people who need it the most!

A positive PCR antibody test does not mean:

  • you are immune (it does not detect active antibodies from incidental non active antibodies
  • it could also mean that you were previously infected- mild symptoms are associated with low antibody levels and asymptomatic individuals may actually have no antibodies!
  • protective antibodies directed against the “hands of the virus” as those delivered by vaccines do not guarantee immunity (this is the reason most anti-viral vaccines are at best 50% effective). And finally- viruses mutate rapidly.

I should mention that when I was actively caring for sick elderly patients I always got a flu shot to help protect my patients. I got sick 50% of the time within one week but was always told it was some other virus not influenza.

Using influenza as an example, vaccines are developed based on what comes out of China in the early spring. By the time they get here there is a huge likelihood for at least some mutation that diminishes the efficacy of the vaccine!

Does any of this sound familiar to you at all?

If so, I urge you to ask the question what is really the agenda behind Fauci’s statement “Do as you are TOLD!!!” Thank goodness there has been no censure of First Amendment rights to free speech – OOOPS!

And then there is the looming possibility of “mandatory vaccines”. No violation of your rights because you are protecting the greater good of society (see my vaccine statements above).

I am using personal caution with the vaccine. At the very least I am treating it like a new model year car – not buying it the first year. If ever.

I propose that if a vaccine is mandatory for the public that every elected official and policy maker MUST take the vaccine first at least 3 months ahead of the general public and document the effects and efficacy.

Fauci should be FIRST on this list since he is 79 and therefore at probably increased risk. After all he stood next to President Trump who eventually got Covid!

What are my chances?

Ok now one more time here is my routine:

Telokynase everyday without fail to hopefully harness the positive effect of longer telomeres on CD-4 helper immune cells to boost my immune power and responsiveness not to mention the anti-aging likelihood.*

Immune Booster 2.0 to help with the above and potentially decrease viral attachment*

The Covid Wellness kits to take advantage of potential barrier technology in the upper respiratory tract*

You may surrender to the current climate but you can maintain your independent thought and action and actually DO MORE than you are being told to do!

But what If I am wrong?!

After all I’ve been wrong before albeit for the right reasons. Long Ago and Far Away when I was semi-famous, I used to write limericks and ditties to celebrate my irreverence. So, in the true spirit of personal independence I am writing my own funeral limerick. After all I’ve lived my way I may as well die my way

“Here Lays Dr Dave

A True Impetuous Knave!

He was warned by Fauci but got rather grouchy when told just how to behave.

He started coughing and sneezing, shaking and wheezing and was impossible to save.

He thought his Immune system was strong

But Covid didn’t stay away!

It induced major drama and ventilator barro trauma

During his deadly hospital stay.

He wouldn’t take the vaccine

Or allow anyone to intervene

He put up a fight but passed into the night

A victim of his own routine!

Instead of working for our betterment

He should have trusted the Government!

You have my permission to read this at my wake! Which should happen within a few weeks of me attending my families Thanksgiving gathering without a mask and in close proximity to whomever it is that represents the 100% statistic for Covid Exposure.

BTW the last time I wrote something like this was in 2013 when Dr Theodore Braskey stated in a published article that high levels of Omega 3 Fish oil increased prostate cancer by 43%. The media went wild and dozens of “famous” doctors, none of whom knew a damn thing about omega 3’s, played along with media’s fear mongering seconding, thirding and forthing etc. the deadly nature of Omega 3 and the beneficial nature of trans fatty acids a direct reversal of every piece of research before and after but a great headline grabber to be sure.

A few notes on that one since in a peripheral way its germane to the whole Covid thing. Braskey did not address fish oil consumption in the article but made statements about its potential danger in interviews after he got huge notoriety. Once again this is the only publication that I know of that ever said anything remotely like this and it flies in the face of every other published paper. Dr Braskey himself published a paper 2 years later stating that highest levels of Omega 3 REDUCED Breast Cancer by 32% Since that time more publications have reversed the long-held belief that fish oil was “no good” for heart disease. Just recently I informed you of the positive effects of Omega 3 on telomere length. And the data that support trials of Omega 3 fats in the ARDS and cytokine storms associated with Covid mortality.

But there was never any real media attention given to the positive findings that impact millions of people in a good way. Only to the negative fear mongering. Could any of this be relevant to Covid. Is it possible that a few years down the road when people forget this, there will be a very quiet little covered article admitting that Social Isolation and it’s ?unintended? and unpredicted damage was far worse than the 2.6% death rate which includes people who die with Covid as well as from it!

Nah! Will never happen!!!!


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