Growth Hormone – To Be or Not To Be

Every now and then I get a question about Growth Hormone (HGH).

Health conscious people want to know if it makes them sick or healthy, does it cause cancer, does it burn fat, is it worth the price, etc, etc. And recently, does it make you live longer.

I have a lot of clinical experience with HGH being an anti-aging doc, but I do not prescribe it any longer because of the FDA and the government regulations. You can no longer give it legally without extensive testing, which is not covered by insurance and is dangerous to the patient.

Instead I designed a safe and relatively inexpensive (compared to HGH) secretagogue to help your body naturally make its own HGH and give you the benefits.

So what is the deal with HGH?

First, let me tell you there are thousands of people still using it that would not fit into the “legal” category. This includes athletes and Hollywood types. Money talks and they get around it.

It IS a fat burning compound. It IS an energizer. It does help with lean body mass and athletic recovery. It IS NOT a steroid but the government still classifies it as one.

It does have side effects if it is used improperly such as swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome and high blood sugars.

These are managed by using the right dose and maintaining a low glycemic index diet which you should be doing anyway. The Paleo diet handles all this sugar stuff nicely!

A lot of people do not realize that head trauma often leads to a long term decrease in growth hormone so many sports people and accident victims alike are running around with low HGH levels as a result of taking a rap on the head at some point in the past.

Aging of course decreases it too, as does lack of sleep and lack of exercise. High intensity interval training is a great way to boost it if you are under 50.

Again, if you are in your 40’s or 50’s, the exercise response starts to go way down and this is one reason why you don’t get the results you want in the gym. Here again, my safe and effective secretagogue, Hercules Factor. can be a great help.

Finally, does HGH make you live longer and does it cause cancer?

Certain cancers cause the over expression of a thing called IGF-1 which is the end chemical in the HGH pathway; basically how HGH works. This has led people to say HGH causes cancer. I think they are missing the point that IGF-1 is actually expressed by the cancer not because the brain is making too much HGH. As a matter of fact, cancer is a disease primarily of older age (and short telomeres!) when most people are making less.

Any cancer study related to HGH use comes from the days of cadaver HGH not recombinant like we have had for over a decade. In addition there is no way to ferret out if the people (dwarfs) who got cancer got it because of the HGH use.

In institutions where HGH use is frequent there is not evidence of increased cancer either.

But the controversy is still out there and will remain for decades.

Does it make you live longer? Well maintaining hormonal balance does seem to improve function and make people “behave” like they are younger but like anything else today there is no study on longevity. We do know that people who have naturally higher HGH levels live longer (probably because they have longer telomeres, the biologic time clocks in the body) but we don’t know what happens to people who inject.

If you want to avoid all the controversies there is a simple solution: help your body make it naturally without expensive, painful, illegal and dangerous shots.

That is the sole reason I made Hercules Factor when I stopped prescribing HGH. I needed something to give to my friends, family and patients who wanted to keep their HGH levels up!

Do it naturally.

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  1. I have a funny feeling…you take hgh yourself…i noticed you did not talk about yourself here. nothing wrong with that at all, really. and not any our business. was just looking for hgh, ta 65 and revgenics info…and etc. doing research all the time. its good for us to think things thru and evaluate. a LOT of anti aging docs are on hgh…its all about testing and seeing where your levels are. appreciate your work tho.

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