On Father’s and Father’s Day

First let me say that God and the universe smiled upon me when I was given to my parents. I had two of

the most wonderful people who could ever have raised children that there ever were. There was harmony in our household most times and we were all socialized and groomed to be “forces for good”.

I did not know it was not the same for most people until I went a way to school and watched bitter relationships between befuddled parents and spoiled children unfold.

I am immensely glad I had the parents I did but if you did not all I can say is, no one comes with a manual, not parents, not kids.

My dad has been gone for almost 20 years now but his presence is felt on a daily basis. And I still ask for his guidance and help.

Another way that I was blessed with both of my parents is the fact that both of them stayed mentally fit until their very last days. There was no long protracted slide into dementia that I have witnessed so many times.

So today as we near Dad’s Big day I want to remind you that a mind is precious thing to waste.

While dementia does not run in my family, statistically speaking I should live significantly longer than my parents especially with everything I am doing.

Sadly, age alone is a risk factor for dementia. So, I am not taking any chances with MY brain.

I supplement all the time with Brain Force One.

Consider this as you age whether or not dementia runs in your family.

Another thing I have seen that is somewhat frightening to me is people who were spot on mentally slowly starting to become forgetful. It’s especially scary when you see someone slipping who had a parent with dementia.

To paraphrase Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that dark night”.

If you are still blessed enough to have your dad think of him to when you decide whether or not you are going to sit by on the sidelines and wait for “modern medical science” to provide you with an answer or maybe, just maybe, buy yourself some runway! 


Dr Dave

PS NO product of mine makes claims for disease treatment, mitigation, diagnosis or cure including Brain Force One.

Special case pricing is available if you have a lot of people you care about, or want to save big on a year’s supply!

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