Prevention versus Convention

Convention says that if you hit 80 you will be part of almost 100 million people who have Alzheimer Disease. Now that may not sound like bad odds but ask anyone who has had to be a caretaker for someone with this awful disease.

The odds go up even more if you live past that not so ripe old age.

Convention says that we have no real weapons in this fight other than memory games and puzzles. It’s going to be really hard to prove those work!

Today’s medicine and conventional medicines in the future do not address the potential causes of this illness which include mitochondrial failure, immune failure and protein aggregation because of failed clean up mechanisms and chronic ongoing non-targeted inflammation.

I have stated publicly that these are the very same mechanisms responsible for cancer albeit with a different manifestation.

Like all diseases of aging this one starts long before it clinically presents therefore if its interrupted in the non-clinical phase you might have a far better shot at slowing or stopping it.

Then there is the more fun but not unrelated topic of better memory, more creative thinking and general overall brain superiority.

Convention says that while we do become unable to learn, our brain changes and the way and the things we learn have to change as well.

In terms of aging better I do not see any reason why we should settle for Convention when it comes to our brain. Personally, I like mine just fine where it is today, and like all things age related I am going to fight the good fight as long as I can or until I forget how!!!!

All of the above are the reasons I designed Brain Force One.

As they always used to say, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. The recent suggestions that we use marijuana to help fix Alzheimer Disease conjures up thoughts about wasted minds in a different fashion.

Nothing like have someone stoned and demented. The eggheads that come up with this stuff are the same people that suggest we trust convention!

IF this latest research leaves you scratching your head and wondering where conventional science is headed than you absolutely should try Brain Force One!

I would not count on convention to feed your head!

Keep it straight and keep it smart!

Dr Dave

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