All that Glitters!

The Omega 3 industry has expanded in logarithmic fashion since I first introduced my own fish oil  back in 2002.

I am not sure which number to believe but in spite of the best attempts by Big Pharma and major medical journals to convince you that fish oil does not work and/or you should only expect real results from prescription fish oil, people are still investing in their health and controlling their health with their own choices of product.

As a result, the fish oil market now rivals the “male enhancement” market which is upwards of 15 billion dollars a year when I last bothered to check.

When I started in 2002 it was a 30 million dollar a year market and the best you could get was my PGFO at 55% purity.

Now of course we come pretty close to the purity of prescription fish oil!

It’s not all that surprising that there would be all kinds of permutations of marine Omega 3’s nowadays.
Krill which you couldn’t give away 10 years ago has benefited from the fish oil market immensely now garnering about 13% of all marine Omega 3 sales.

And clever marketers with deep pockets have acquired what used to be known as green lipped muscle oil and managed to sell that as “something different”.

Finally, there are all the plants that contain some form of Omega 3 oil like hemp, chia, flax and so forth that have enjoyed the success of fish oil.

But buyer beware.

All that glitters is not gold.

A recent study compared the anti-tumor effects of marine Omega 3’s were compared to plant-based Omega’s like flax listed above.

The tumor inhibiting power of marine based Omega 3’s (in this case fish derived NOT krill derived) was 8X greater than that of plant derived Omega 3’s. I have been over the 18 Carbon vs 20 and 22 carbon argument at least 50 times in the past 15 years so I’ll skip it today except to say your body runs better on Fish Oil!!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the alternatives.

The original article does glitter and is gold!!!


Dr. Dave

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