Resolutions, Behaviors and Intentions-the Secret Success Sauce

Beware this one is long on words and wisdom. It’s a piece of my heart and soul I kid you not!  Read on and see if you agree!

I have waxed long in the past about the word “InTension”.  At times I find it counterproductive because it is not the highest form of creation.  I reserve the word “Emanation” for that.

What’s the diff?!

Big difference just like my Facebook post on the difference between “Calm Down” and “Uplift”!

Emanation is something that IS!  A person exudes it. For example, I am a healer. I emanate that compassion and concern and care. People feel it and know it. I don’t have to say it except when its used in exemplar form like this!

Some people emanate calm, others leadership, others pain etc etc. It is the essence of who they are.

InTension on the other hand is something that is not yet in existence. At best, its on its way. At worst it will fail when the lack of self belief, focus and priority catches up.

Put this in the context of your New Year’s Resolutions if you have them and you’ll know what I mean.

The Tension in InTension is actually a potential driving force. We read and hear about tension all the time.  Most movies, novels and stories contain huge elements of tension. It may be unresolved sexual tension, a fight of good versus evil or David triumphing against Goliath type (my personal fave!).

Once the climax happens and the tension is resolved the story is over.

Except in real life it doesn’t work that way.

If you have a project t or business or even a hobby you are pursuing and you let down then there is another phrase you have to watch for.

“Old Habits Die Hard”.  A simpler way of addressing this is programing.  The behaviors that change us and the habits we need to acquire to be successful are only semi-permanent. Lot’s of things can dislodge them.

The number one sneaky thing that does so is what I call our “default” setting.  That is the program that was put there when we were not aware of it.  It is not always during the first 5 years of childhood either.

A painful experience as an adult can supersede our ability to analyze it when its of a huge magnitude. Examples are loss of a loved one, loss of love, loss of a job and a major unforeseen health crisis.

The irony of this is that it works both ways! A crisis can lead us to endure pain and suffering we would normally try to avoid by invoking a flurry of self discipline and focus. But once we passed it the old ways often sneak back in and we are right back where we started.

Again, in the context of your Resolutions, does this sound familiar?!

So how do you get from Resolution to INTension to Emanation?

Here are a few simple steps.

  1. Most important is focus.  I am not lying when I tell you I have a secret tool I use. It’s called Brain Force 1 and it allows me to have laser like focus, Intension, and through belief in the changes I create in my life, Emanation happens. I become the thing I want to see in myself!
  2. Reminders. If you were to walk through my home you would see a few things that seem out of place. Little physical reminders that trigger an “Ah Yes!” reminder about what I am trying to do. I have them in my bedroom where I wake up, my bathroom-usually stop number 2 after number 1. And finally, near my front door as I walk in and out of my house.  And yeah there is something in my car too.
  3. Curb your enthusiasm! Trust me I love brain storming and creating but I know people who do absolutely nothing but that. They NEVER get anything done except that. As a result, they become ineffectual.  It’s great to have a long term plan but break it down into 3 simple must do’s and 2 do nexts and you’ll find you get far more done.
  4. Be around people who support your vision. There is a book out there called “The 5 Love Languages”. Well here are 5 Support Languages:
  5. I believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself.  b) I will share all my knowledge with you if it helps c) I will never tell you what not to do. I will tell you what I think you should do but then you are free to ignore me.  d) I will keep my word to you even if it is not in the format you thought it should be. e) Financial support f) Contacts

If you were paying attention that was 6!

Commercial Break: HINT Brain Force 1 can help you with the Law of Attraction. That can help you with ALL of the Above.

If you have someone that gives you even one of those things you are beyond blessed. It never ceases to amaze me when people talk about reliability. Reliability is like truth! You should expect it from other people not praise it when it’s there.  It’s a basic human tenant and a sign of good parenting. Absence of same is a sign of complete lack of self-worth and self trust and showing up for one’s self. If you are not a reliable person start there, otherwise not only will you fail everyone else, but you will fail yourself ( read that with the accent on different words and you’ll get the double meaning!)

 Reliability in yourself your support system has to be a given, not an attribute worthy of praise! Thank you for being honest,  Thank you for not lying… are you kidding me!  Set your expectations a little higher please.

Now this may seem really strange but I want to END with a piece of wisdom that answered a question I have had for a long time. Back in 2008 when I ran my First Canadian Death Race (I have some footage on my Facebook page of one of the 3 that I ran.) I did so specifically to prove to myself I was not a quitter.

I will not get into the circumstances but that was the truth.  On the plane ride home, I remember smiling to myself because I had answered that question once and forever.

But even with resolutions there is a time to quit. I ran 2 more CDR’s and then I knew it was time to quit running those distances because the punishment it inflicted on my body was counter productive to my long term goal of staying healthy and mobile to 100 and beyond!

But honestly quitting does not come easily to me.  Very very recently I was face with a decision to quit pursuing something that was near and dear to me. So much time money emotion and resources were invested that it had the makings of the Law of Diminishing returns (where you stay in something because you say “I put too much in to pull out now!).

Always a Bad Idea.

So, when should you quit?

Answer: When You No Longer Believe in What You are Doing!

That says it all.

I wish you nothing but success in 2020. May you persevere in all the things that enrich you and may you quit all the things that never will.   See you on the other side!

Dr Dave

PS   OH Yeah!  Don’t forget my Secret Success Sauce!

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