The Importance Of Play

Did you know that Play helps keep you Younger!

Now there are no randomized double blinded placebo controlled studies on this but I guarantee you it’s true.

The best kind of play is something that is so engaging you can’t think of anything else.  As a matter of fact, the best kind of play is so engaging you are not really thinking at all. This is what people call the Zone. There is no self-analysis, just a pure in the moment enjoyment of the activity.

At the risk of admitting to be the nerd that I am (aren’t all doctors!) my 2 big hobbies for play time are playing the guitar and building radio controlled model airplanes.

Each takes me into the moment and out of my head. The focus is on the moment and there is no room for worry, doubt fear or self analysis especially if you want to perform your best.

Ironic isn’t it! You perform your best when you are not thinking about performing at all!  Kinda lends a new meaning to performance anxiety, no?!

Now I won’t lie to you! I have help, Big Time Help in the form of Brain Force 1.

I don’t mind a little cheating or hacking my way into faster creation, split second decisions making, and calm mindedness in crisis. After all a thousand dollar airplane with a 5 foot wing span flying 80 mph in the wrong direction can wind up catastrophic very quickly!

Guitar is a little more forgiving- sometimes hitting a clunky note winds up adding character and then you can pretend you meant to do it by hitting it again lol.

Either way entering the present moment and no monkey mindedness is a great anti-aging tool, especially if you really enjoy it.

Adding anything to the mix such as Brain Force 1 can add to performance enjoyment and mastery.

I always talk about Younger, Stronger Faster!

 How about Younger, Smarter, and More Fun.

The Tools of the Day are the Tools of Play and are there for You to Use!!!

Play Hard!


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