The Finnish Connection -The Best Exercise Ever?!

If you don’t follow me on Facebook and pretty soon Instagram you are missing some of the video info I am putting out as free content for the whole world to see.  I’ll admit I’m a bit clunky at using these apps- you have to remember for the bulk of my life “apps” meant appetizers!

But I am educable.

Anyway, in the most recent series of “Younger, Stronger. Faster” I talk about something called the Karvonen formula to calculate heart rates. 

Specifically, that formula is 220 minus your age then that number minus your resting heart rate (I will use 70 for simplicity) x the percentage heart rate target (for HIIT we can use .85) and that end number Plus your resting heart rate again using 72

So, in math terms for a 60 year old that would look like 220-60-160 then 160 minus 70=90, then x.85= 77 + resting heart rate of 70= 147 as a target heart rate or above.

Now I mention on my Facebook that this is subject to variations based on the kind of shape you are in.  When you are in good shape your resting heart rate goes down and your max heart rate goes up.

Start with the Karvonen method (the only thing you really need to measure here is your resting heart rate and its best to have a couple of mornings worth of that to see where it really is!).

When I started HIIT a decade ago my age was of course lower, my resting heart rate was still pretty good because I was doing a lot of distance training but my max heart rate was in the low 150’s

A decade later the number for the max heart rate has gone way up and way over typical for my age. Like I said Younger Stronger Faster!!!

I cannot tell you how important supplementation has been as a tool for me to achieve the maximum performance levels you see in my FB videos and emails.

The Energy bundle is really the key to all this so if you missed it at the Christmas Sale I put it back on sale pricing for YOUR New Year’s Resolutions!!!!

Also, if you are a big caffeine user and experiencing crashes in your energy remember this bundle as well as Energy X Maxx by itself.

It will restore ATP levels that are converted to the exhaustion product ADP when the caffeine starts to wear off.  You won’t waste time waiting for you body to generate more ATP- it will simply “BE THERE”! And thus, No Crash!!!

Here’s to Younger Stronger And Faster in 2020!

Dr Dave

PS the Keto book should be ready in about 3 weeks for those of you who got it free by ordering the bundle, I’ll also have a few hard copies spiral bound for kitchen use for those of you who may want the physical manifestation of my hard work!

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