Sleep, Telomeres and Stress

In the past I have written to you about the effect of poor-quality sleep and stress on telomere length and the way these things can make your telomeres shorter – effectively making your life shorter!

As if we needed any more information to frighten us into anxiety and fear driven states these days, a recent study came out pointing to not only an increase in suicides and divorce rates during the Covid pandemic but an increase in anxiety driven disorders and related sleep disruption.

I have also told you in the past that I think sleep is one of the most underrated anti-aging tools in our tool box. Now with over 60% of people in different studies reporting increased disruption in sleep, shorter sleep times and increases in daytime fatigue its time for me to remind you about Sweet Sleep.

This has been a go to of mine for several years whenever I know I am not sleeping well or anticipate same.

Its non habit forming, dose flexible from 1-3 caps, works in 30-60 minutes with almost no next day grogginess.

If you are experiencing what so many people are these days in terms of stress increase and sleep deprivation give it a try.

There are few things that rival a good night’s sleep to reset your clock.

And in point of fact, it may improve your health and even your longevity.

That’s how important a night can be!

Stay Tough and Well Rested!

Dr Dave

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