Mid-Summer Nights Dream Sale!

YOU may not remember this about me depending on how long you’ve been with me, but I had a dual major in College- Biology of course for Med School and English lit- specifically Shakespeare. It probably took me all 4 years to learn to spell Renaissance properly but eventually I was graded on content not spelling and my prof and I had a blast due to my sincere interest in how the bard said things, saw things and communicated things.

I am sure it has helped me immensely in my writing over the years!

Anywho “A Midsummer Nights Dream” is a favorite and I just finished reading it as I do every year at this time so I thought I’d celebrate by helping you dream, – lucid and otherwise.

Sweet Sleep Z is unique in that is the only “chronobiologic” non-habit forming sleep supplement. Zeaxanthin is a potent supplement for eye health and you may wonder why I chose that for a sleep aid. Simple answer, REM sleep! While most experts would tell you that REM is generated in the brain and not the eyes, the eyes oxygen consumption goes way up during that phase of sleep. So, it made perfect sense to benefit eye health while memory is being stimulated. I also checked and no one can say that the eyes are NOT generating images in REM sleep, e.g., that the sensory organ may not store impulse and images.

Either way if O2 consumption goes up so does oxidation so I hope you appreciate the brilliance of this supplement design, and then of course there are the systemic anti-oxidant effects and the wonderful restful non-drowsy sleep you get.

Seasonal change often affects sleep patterns and I’m not going to lie. Between traveling into different time zones and long days and short nights I really needed a reset. Sweet Sleep Z did the trick.

And it’s on special today buy 3 get one free and free shipping!

If may not be time to reset the clock, but I bet its time to reset YOUR clock!

Take advantage of the special AND the Chronobiology!!!!


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