Are You Pro Life?

Nope, not gonna Wade into a political/moral/spiritual hot potato here. I’m talking about YOUR Health and your Microbiome.

There is a lot of literature on the positive effects of probiotics on diseases of the gut and its wellbeing in general.

But a huge area of potential and real benefit is being missed….

Actually, several big areas are missed by “modern science”. The reason is that Big Pharma is constantly trying to figure out which if any supplements they could pilfer, modify slightly and sell as a drug. Witness the modified Omega 3’s now being sold by several major companies, and the unmodified Lovaza, which looks strikingly like one of my bottles of fish oil. Keep in mind despite the similarities You nor I can claim any medically related benefits.

The same of course goes for my wonderful Probiotic which has just been restocked at least temporarily!!!

The things that are not being talked about are:

The effect of Probiotics on Immunity and the presentation of antigens to the body has not been properly addressed. Most people think that the immune effect via the gut is just on gut based antigens (think of the kid eating dirt playing outside – if people even play outside anymore!). There is far more to it than that as there is a “thermostatic effect” on the immune system in terms of its ability to respond to stress and produce new cells elsewhere as well.

There is also a significant effect on how your nutrients vitamins and minerals get absorbed.

Way back when, when one of the “thought leaders” was impugning mag stearate as an ingredient*, the term “biofilm” started becoming more popular.

For our purposes think of the biofilm as the last variable in nutrient/supplement absorption and perhaps more importantly, calorie absorption!

That is about as much science as people can actually handle so I will leave it at this: there is a lot more to keeping your biofilm healthy than meets the eye!

Once again, while it may be temporary, we were able to take delivery of a batch of my wonderful Probiotic.

As I have mentioned many times, figuring out the agenda of world leaders is impossible so the future does remain opaque for most of us. But one thing is certain… Your health and the health of those you love should be First Priority! Educating yourself and taking control of those decisions will not make you popular with medical professionals or Big Pharma but it will save your bacon when the SxxT hits the Fan!

Dr Dave

*The “thought leader” who propagated this shall remain unnamed but when I looked up the cited reference about mag stearate there was not one word about biofilms in the whole article. Since that crucifixion there have been several nonpartisan not financially expedient articles that validate the safety and use of mag stearate. But I never use it in my supplements for years now, because people believe propaganda without ever actually researching the truth! This is but one example of what I call “Reality by Media”. There is more and more of that every day!!!

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