Day One of Our Annual Holiday Sale is Here!!!

Ok! It’s time to kick off the celebration!

There are a few items to cover before we get started.

Supplies are indeed limited and we are unable to control the supply chain. Someone clearly is but it is not us! If you see something on sale don’t wait. Buy It Right away because if we run out or go into some back order situations we are just as much in the dark as everyone else is!

In other words, DON” T WAIT- those who hesitate are lost!

Shipping is free during the sales days in the Continental U.S. (CONUS) and everything is 18% off list unless otherwise stated.

I wish I didn’t have to announce price increases due to shipping increases, “container assessments” whatever the hell that is and of course some rather striking increases in raw materials costs along with shortages.

Simply put inflation has hit and prices will go up. But not YET! So, act now.

Today’s featured Item has the long and clunky name of Sugar Balance Support Formula, SBSF please for short.

I think that if you have been awake during the last decade, you know a couple of things about sugar:

  1. It’s added to just about everything!
  2. It’s highly addictive
  3. It causes the molecules in your cells to stick and malfunction
  4. It pre maturely ages the cells and cellular machinery
  5. It can make you fat, exacerbate diabetic tendencies
  6. It causes insulin spikes and the cravings that follow

All of this is for the most part naturally preventable.

The unsung hero of my product line SBSF is designed to help you manage holiday cravings, sugar spikes and the inflammatory and aging sequelae of insulin surges.

It’s also great if you are starting in Keto because of its effect on cravings.

If ever there was a time for SBSF it’s during the Holidays! And it’s on sale right now for the lowest price of the year!

Be safe, Be Healthy and stay Young, and use sugar responsibly!

Dr Dave

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