How to Have Fun!

OK, it may seem strange to hear a grown man in a professional position teaching you to have fun.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important things I cover with my coaching clients and often the first question I ask- “Are you having FUN!”

A weeks ago, I did one of my ever rarer Instagram posts stating my version of Kaizen:

Every Day in Every Way I Incorporate Play.

And… as I write this I’m off to my warehouse to tackle an old Eagles Song-“Life in the Fast Lane”. 

Background on this:  It’s a great song. Its got a hot riff, The singing is NOT aligned with the guitar playing which is especially challenging. The next week I spend in the company of old friend David Wolfe for the express purpose of getting our chops together. He’s a drummer, we have a bass player and yours truly on the 6 strings.

It’s especially challenging for me to play in a band but David and I have been having this kind of fun for a couple of years often with many months in between. He’s also a huge Eagles fan so…

It’s ginormous fun as well as challenging, comical at times, occasionally frustrating (my limits not theirs) and of course singing is something relatively new to me.

So why do I wax long and hard about MY thing when this email is about YOUR thing?

Because in order to be super productive and to master anything there has to be a significant element of fun!!!

Yes, that applies to business and health too.  You may never make a million dollars but if you did and had fun doing it, I guarantee you it would be far more special and… repeatable.  This is especially true if you fill one of my other criteria: You make the world a better place in the process.

You may never run a marathon or do a handstand, but if those are your goals and you enjoy both the process and the achievement you will set yourself up for a long healthy future of “achievements”.

I put that word in quotes for a reason!

The reason is that achievements implies a bit of forced effort. Ultimately your best creations will be from a focused but relaxed “knowing” point rather than wrestling things to the ground.

There are 2 supplements I use daily that help me with the fun aspect of things.

First is Brain Force One – my brain formula for creating and learning as well as memory. Now I have to tease you a bit here because there is something in the works right now that will make “brain power” grow even more but that will have to wait a few months as we are still in trials.  But its coming and it will be revolutionary.

Next is Energy X Maxx because every part of your body uses energy, especially your brain!

Pound of pound, ounce for ounce your brain uses more energy than any other tissue in your body, so feed it right with Energy X Maxx.

That’s it from the road but I’ll landing soon and digging into the projects and events of the coming weeks which if you remember, will be very special!

I look forward to sharing that with you!

Stay sharp, stay well and stay young!

Dr Dave

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