Is Fat the New Skinny?!

Social proof is a very powerful thing for us.  In the old days criminals were often isolated by “shunning” instead of being put to death. Isolation apparently is sometimes worse than death.

But it works in reverse too. Social proof is where lots of people are doing it so it must be OK or even trendy!

Sadly our society has gotten to the point where being overweight, fat or even obese is just fine thank you. When I was growing up you did not see fat people on TV shows unless they were playing a specific role. More often than not that role was not particularly serious or favorable.  Now thanks to the sensitivity of our society it’s ok to be fat. It’s gotten so bad that even the fat and weight loss TV commercials are showing before and after pics of people who are still fat after the program!

But as a study a few years back showed, there is a visceral reaction (no pun intended) to obesity that projects an unhealthy image along with other things. Studies looking at the likelihood of hiring someone for a CEO or other high position showed that fat people were not likely to even be considered for various reasons, not the least of which was their future health.

Over the years there have been many attempts to show that fat people can be both healthy and fat. While there might be an occasional outlier that is simple not possible. I promise you that any study that suggests such a thing is looking at the wrong biomarkers for its conclusions.

The more overweight you are the more unhealthy you are. And that is why I bring it up- not because of any social, moral or psychological issues that may be attached to being heavy.

I want you to do 3 things: live long, live healthy, and prosper.

You simply cannot do that if you are carrying around extra pounds.

I have written a lot about how to exercise and diets so I will spare you that today.

What I want you to concentrate on is one simple thing. Start noticing just how many undeniably fat people there are out there. Start seeing all that extra flesh, all those bellies and butts and be aware of what they mean.

Don’t become numb to being fat and don’t accept it.  If ever there was a conspiracy theory designed by “them” (you know they same them and they that do all the stuff “They” don’t want you to know!) to keep you sick and addicted it is manifested in the obesity epidemic.

If you want to live a long health life you have to break the mold. You have to realize that just because everyone’s doing it you don’t have to and you should not!

If you need some help go here.

And don’t slide into being fat just because it’s socially acceptable!


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