Life in the Balance

I have waxed on and on about the Omega 3/6 ratios and how unbalanced they are in the Western world and now our manufacturing has been delayed because of Covid.

I guess I should just be happy it’s coming at all. Sales success is never a problem but supply chain is beyond my control so thanks for your patience!

There is another kind of balance I want to discuss with you today…Sugar Balance.

Far more people know the effects of high blood sugar than of high Omega 6 but here is a short list:

AGES- “Advanced Glycosylation (and Glycation) End Products that literally get sticky and gum up the works.

  • The degenerative effects of high insulin levels on the pancreas and blood vessels.
  • The alteration of the epigenome and thus the genetic expression towards Inflammaging (yes you read that right) and away from repair.
  • The excess demand on stem cells
  • The shortening of telomeres
  • The acceleration of inflammatory diseases such as cancer and certain auto immune diseases.
  • The obesity epidemic.

Again, a short list but one that is intimately involved with the aging process not to mention how you look and how you feel.

Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF) is the unsung hero of our product line and given the stresses we face and the effects of that stress on metabolism including sugar metabolism and aging it’s a timely reminder that you can get some “insurance” against this issue.

It’s an every day supp for me.

After all a life in Balance is a Good Life a Long Life, and Healthy one!!!


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