Stress Longevity and Telomere Length

Any major stresses in the last um say 4 months or so? Frankly the World stress meter has been off the chart in 2020!

Take a look at just about any significant stressor and you will find the net result is shorter telomeres.

Physical, psychological, emotional, or just being sick- all of it shortens telomeres and directly or indirectly affects longevity.

A few years back I got to interview Elisa Epel, a clinical psychologist, and an expert on the effects of stress on telomeres. She noted that “cynical hostility” was the worst kind of telomere shortening stressors followed by things such as “rumination” or rethinking negative thoughts over and over in an attempt to control outcomes.

Sound familiar?!

Now there are plenty of stress management techniques such as meditation and physical activity but nothing, nothing, nothing beats a telomere support agent or a bona fide telomerase activator.

In that ilk we still have a decent supply of the Immortality Edge Packs in spite of our (very stressful) supply chain issues. The only reason we got through the recent debacles is because we ordered a ton of it- it’s that popular.

The full tilt telomerase activator is back ordered but I expect to have it by the second or third week in July. As always it will go fast so you might want to get in the back-order que now to be sure.

I cannot predict what the rest of 2020 will look like but I an predict you will want more than ever to take care of your precious health.

I can also predict I will be giving you tips, advice and the latest findings on all of that.

So bottom line: I am still looking forward to the rest of this year and making yours that much better as well!

Dr Dave

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