The Return of My Creative Secret Weapon

Call it the new normal but it looks like we are slowly but surely restocking OUR LINE.

First to return is Brain Force One, my creative Secret Weapon.

Oh, How I’ve missed you (although I kinda fudged my way through some raw powders!

I feel creativity is a divine thing and one which we should all do at least some of.

Of course, having a photographic memory and a vast encyclopedia of stored knowledge comes in handy as well. This may sound strange but the biggest thing to creating and/or getting good at something is simply allowing yourself to do it and not get in the way of any natural talent you may have. I think you’d be surprised at just how talented you really are.

Then again, a little cheat is often in order to speed up the process.

Stay well Stay Smart and let those ideas flow!!! Demand has been unreal these past few months for just about everything, so as always, first come, first served!

Dr Dave

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