New Product Announcement!!!

Ok it may seem strange that what I’m introducing has nothing to do with the “V” or the “C” word. But honestly, I couldn’t think of a better time to bring something different out.

Personally, I’m so past the Doom and Gloom Vibe and far more into the Bloom Vibe- as in Spring has Sprung Vibe.

Let’s change the Narrative Right Now!

If this were any other year, I would remind you that in a very short time you will be wearing less, and maybe even have some eyeballs on you at the beach. Summer is coming no matter what media fears are out there and frankly we all still have to face ourselves in the mirror.

So coincident (there is THAT word again lol) with an amazing podcast I did with old (as in long time, not chronologically) friend, colleague and amazing person Dr Luiza Petre MD on nutrition, I’ve decided to join forces with her and offer her AMAZING new BONE BROTH.

As a keto guy this is perfect in combination with Keto Gen and of course, when we are done prettying up the “KETO EDGE” my next book with another amazing power lady, Oksana Zagordna PhD the Bone Broth will make a tremendous base for the numerous soups in the book.

I love the way its packaged in convenient sachets, you just mix in hot water and viola, instant low calorie Grass Fed Keto nutrition. Complete with all the critical aminos and just a touch of salt.


And during social isolation, I’ve been using it as a fast easy “go to” to avoid unnecessary and now very annoying shopping trips!

There is also a Vegan Keto version based on Pea protein- hard to beat that!

So, if you think this virus has stunted me, stopped me, stultified me or otherwise stymied me given me a bum steer, or made me lazy, lackadaisical lethargic or laconic or done any of those unthinkable things to my creative juices you are soooooooo wrong.

And when you pack on some great lo cal nutrition instead of some unsightly pounds by subbing a meal with Dr Luiza’s Bone Broth nothing will stop you either.

Pick some up NOW and help change the narrative!

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot, Because of the collagen its also great for the skin.

Which brings me back to the podcast Dr Luiza and I did. We had many creative endeavors in the past but this one is absolutely stellar. Don’t miss her info, she dishes it out in a way that any one can understand and I don’t think there are another 2 people who could have tackled this topic on a podcast in such a unique way.

Don’t miss the new product and be sure and catch the podcast!!!

Dr Dave

And Yes, if you notice the podcasts and my collaborations, many of them are with very powerful women! I support the return of the Divine Feminine. And I EMBRACE it! I am blessed to have so many “Power Chicas” in my life!

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