The Pied Piper of Aging

How do you combat the Pied Piper of Aging?

Showing Up and having good habits Really Is Half the Battle!
Now I will expand on this a bit but first I want to share with you  a few quotes I really enjoy.

Among them is the anonymous, “Do nothing You’ll be just as productive!” and “Everything is a Science Project”.

I think that applies to certain situations nicely but not to the ones we actually exert control over. In our age of more decisions/choices than time available to sensibly make them or situations where other people create the infrastructure that we have to comply with those quotes work.

But in your life, and my life, where there ARE things that are very important and worth trying to exert our influence on, I have a better quote- this one from Aristotle.

We are the sum total of our habits!

If we take that on faith from one of our wisest elders you can see how showing up becomes a hugely important aspect of achievement and satisfaction… and health.

I used to own a different company that bore my name. And I had small stickers made up with my smiling face on it asking, “Did you take your Fish Oil today?”

It’s a great question and while it may not apply to everything I make, things like Fish Oil and Young Life Daily  are dishes best served daily, especially in today’s surrounding toxic environment and poor soil quality.

So, Did You?!

Aging is actually a kind of habit your body gets used to. Something is missing, overdone, or damaging and your body makes a short-term decision to use resources to fix it. Staying alive and reasonably healthy for the next minute is more important than staying alive and healthy for the next year or decade.

Some things get fixed, others don’t and in what scientists have called “antagonistic pleiotropy” * some decisions have negative long-term consequences with short term gain.

Much of the negative is due to molecules absent from our diets and our nutrition. Along with fish oil, the Young Life Daily you covers the common and not so common things missing that your body is probably craving for if: you are over 38, you don’t sleep enough, you work out hard, or you are under a lot of stress.

You may have to pay the pied piper of aging, but maybe you don’t have to pay as high a price as you think.

So, Did You?!


*Antagonistic pleiotropy has been championed by some heavy hitting scientists but no me. There is no gene for aging ever found in scientific study, nor is there any real youth gene other than perhaps telomerase. Clever scientists have recently adapted this theory to now include epigenetics which threw a monkey wrench into many a scientist’s career. Aging is epigenetic and, in most cases, falls within the “you can control” it maybe even eventually reverse it. Buy yourself some runway!

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