I have been inundated recently by negative reports on all kinds of supplements. The “fish oil is worthless” thing never seems to get old.

But ironically sales are up up and away on the global market. Funny you’d think if something doesn’t work it would disappear.

All this is in spite of the onslaught by Big Pharma and their known $! Billion dollar campaign to make themselves look better in the eyes of the public. A large part of that campaign is hiring anti-supplement press and anti-supplement mouth pieces with big money to advertise and get eyeballs.

It’s ironic that one of my friends asked me about the “Codex Alimentarius”. He wanted to know if I wasn’t scared by it.

Not at all… The Codex has become a lame duck lazy man’s boring way of trying to mobilize anti-government sentiment, specifically against over regulation.

I have been “threatened by it” for over 15 years.

Me and my freedom, You and your freedom are far more threatened in more subtle ways.

Let me explain:

The Codex has been hanging over everyone’s head for over a decade and a half but it has never passed and it never will. Why?
Because any politician who votes for such an obvious breach of public freedom will never stay in power. Even the most government-oriented types have not passed it and we certainly have had fans of big government in power.

A far more dangerous and subtle threat comes from the advertising and control of “science” by the people who stand to gain from it and who also fund it: Big Pharma.

As the second biggest lobby group in the country don’t think for a moment they do not control health care policy. There is a reason why we pay 2x as much as Canadians for drugs and 5X as much as in Mexico.

There is a reason why the CEO of a drug company can defend a sudden 50X price increase in a vital drug like Epi Pen without fear of reprisal.

And they absolutely do control science and research. And who is going to question science and research and not be branded a quack?

Sweet set up huh?!

The tools of Big Pharma are the alphabet agencies that “save you from yourself” and believe me if they want to silence or squash someone it happens fast and hard.

But because we live in a relatively free society it has to be done with YOUR complicity.

Which means you can still decide not to be fooled.

I urge you to educate yourself to the best degree possible.

And now just a quick reminder.

Your gut is the key to a large part of your health.

Your gut determines what you absorb and discard including your supplements.

Much has been made of formulations that are nano particulated, enteric coated, non-compressed etc. etc.
All of that is good and valid but it doesn’t mean a thing if your gut microbiome is off.

That is why I make Pro Life Ultra PB- a pre and probiotic that gives you the microbiome boost you need.

If you can worry about nutrient timing, formulation construction and absorption do so, but don’t forget to start at the beginning.
Your Gut!!!!

Dr Dave

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