The Best Diet Ever!

What is the Best Diet Ever?!

Honestly, I don’t know!!!! How’s that for truth?!

But never fear – there are some guidelines that may help you.

  1. How do you look and feel? While this is not the ultimate arbiter of nutritional wellness its not a bad indicator with one caveat. If you are under 35 you have not yet dug into your “reserves”. It’s hard for me to explain this concept to anyone who has not “been there” but your body will change subtly over the years or in my case decades EVEN IF you take incredible care of yourself. Keep in mind the rudest awakening I had in my late 40’s early 50’s was that the better shape I was in the less BS my body would tolerate. Ironic no?! But it’s true the healthier you are the less you body will let you get away with in terms of dietary, physical and sleep deprivation abuse. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true. And there in is a guide post for you and your current diet. The 35 number comes in because that is about when you start chewing into the reserves that let you get away with allegorical murder in the above and not feel it.
  2. Can you realistically maintain your “diet”? It’s OK to change things up and experiment around your happy weight and physique but not so much that it changes things to the point where it’s a struggle to get back. It’s boring to the world at large to not have an epic transformation. The world, especially the Social Media advertising world loves a transformation.

Por Examplo: I was fat now I’m thin, I was ugly now I’m beautiful, I was weak now I’m strong, I was helpless and poor now I’m creative and rich and so forth. Boring lil’ ‘ol me has walked around like this since I adopted Keto in 2012. It may be boring but it’s far healthier for you. Overall, I don’t like the word diet, I prefer a nutrition plan because that is what it really is – long term somewhat boring but majorly kicks ass to be lean strong smart wealthy and creative without having to continuously yo yo back and forth. The choice is yours!

  1. Did a celebrity or recently arrived guru tell you it was the thing to do? Now some people are just arriving now even though they have been plugging away for a long time. Wim Hoff comes to mind. The Iceman has literally been around for a decade but apparently the world is now just getting ready for him. Given the current winter I’m having I can certainly relate. Then there are other NYTimes best sellers who bought their fame and are bankrolled by huge advertising budgets. Everyone deserves their shot but I’d be careful about the newbies. For the record I’ve been at this for 2 decades and have never lied about anything to anyone. It’s sad to see people giving advice they themselves cannot even begin to follow. Especially when it’s deliberate. At least make your next guru earn their status!
  1. Does it “require” special shakes, shots or pills. There are certain diets that center around things like hormone shots. I promise you it’s the daily 500 Cal restriction that is responsible for the weight loss, not the hormone shots. Now I do make something that is super helpful at cutting cravings and makes transitioning to a Keto diet easier but it’s not an absolute necessity. Calorie and carb restriction for a few days will automatically reset your hunger clock and allow you to be in complete control of your food intake and type. Ketogen just helps get rid of the transition period and the somewhat ubiquitous “keto flu” that many people experience. You don’t have to suffer! And BTW it’s great to maintain workout intensity if you find that suffers on low carb/ketogenic diets, take a dose an hour before your workout.
  2. Finally, while calories are not exactly calories because of your gut microbiome, theoretically you can eat a thousand calories in donuts and lose weight. Where theory goes out the window is in the tremendous sugar load and insulin spike you place on your body. This makes cravings well nigh irresistible! I make something to help you balance that out and tone it down big time as well. Sugar Balance Support Formula was made for people who eat too many carbs or simply crave them incessantly. All natural and safe (type 2’s diabetics consult your doctor!) it is a secret weapon in maintaining low carb low calorie nutrition without dealing with cravings!

I cannot tell you what diet to follow. I used to say that it’s your free will and choice but these days the amount of programming and self lies that people tell have made me reduce it to “It’s your will and choice!”

Freedom is optional but I can sure help you with Freedom from a Fat Body, Freedom from merciless cravings and in the end-run Freedom from the Hopelessness that people feel when they cannot control their urges, cravings and bodies.

Control starts HERE.

Here’s to making YOUR world Just the way you Love It!

Dr Dave- my own engine!!!

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