Watching Your Back

First, I want to extend my deepest thanks to all of you who are waiting so patiently for your backorders. It’s such an honor to create things that are so good people will wait for them. It’s also an honor to serve so many people who are understanding the way things have changed in terms of supply chains etc.

Now let my preface the following by saying that we have encountered, as I am sure you have, the “rolling deadline”. This is where you are told a certain date for something to arrive and when that date comes it is moved invariably by one month… in rolling fashion.

We have certainly experienced several of those but as of now Fish Oil is due mid-March. WE have a huge and growing back order for that amazing product so if you have not placed a back order do so now because we roll them out first come first served. As always, we do our continuity/subscription orders first. A few of you may have a short wait because of the delay but you wonderful people will always get priority.

Thanks for your continued support!

There are a few other things on back order that we are waiting for but we are slowly catching up!

If you want my amazing multi vite, Young Life Daily jump on that now because we are getting thinner than my hairline on that one! Recall we did order much more when we ran our last March but it has been selling hard since its arrival date in August (yes, a rolling deadline!) so heads up now is the time!

And finally, some really awesome news!

The latest and greatest iteration of Telokynase should be in my hot little hands by the very end of February! This has a new added telomerase activator and is even more potent than the current batch which is still I believe the most potent one on the market.

We posted its effects on maintaining stem cell viability and passage number recently on the site and I can tell you the new one is even better. We estimated head to head the current product is approximately 3X stronger than the gold standard. The new iteration of the product is closer to 10X. Waiting on final data on all counts for that but it’s the BEST EVER!

Those of you on subscription / continuity will automatically be upgraded when your order is due and there will NOT be a price increase this year unless there is a drastic change in the state of the union. As a matter of fact, some of you are still benefiting from your quick action when the product was first intro’d in 2019. You have of course automatically been and will be upgraded to the newest version at the same price you paid way back then.

For those of you who will just be joining the Telokynase family, none of these products are cheap! They are custom made and NO ONE else has them but The Longevity Edge. Patents should insure that for some time! But the newest product will see a price increase over the old stuff unless you are already on subscription/continuity.

I will do my best to intro the new stuff to new customers at an intro price, at least on continuity/subscription. Stay tuned and watch for the emails – it’s happening very soon!!!

Finally, the amazing new Hair and Skin products using our stem cell room temp stabile liposomes should also arrive by the end of the month!

Again, I want to thank all of you for your continued readership, your continued patience and your amazing support and belief in what I do. I do it for me and would do it no matter what but it’s so friggin’ cool to share it with YOU!

I hope my continued pioneering, experimenting on myself first always and the release of these amazing new one-of-a-kind discoveries that are not simply fancy labels on products you could buy elsewhere (hint to the “gurus” you know who you are and so do I!!) and of course growing younger daily serves as a continued inspiration to you in these interesting times.

We support each other and it’s no fun if there is no one to play with!!! Meantime I’m watching your back and your back order!!!!!

Dr Dave

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