The Missing Link to Total Health, A Billion Holiday Guests You Can’t Do Without!!

I am guessing you might have overindulged a bit in the past week.

It’s pretty common and not always bad, especially for the soul.

Let’s face it the human body is a delicate system that works on homeostasis- basically trying to keep things the same within a narrow range.

But, when you go off the wagon and get out of you specific usual habits your gut takes a pounding- specifically your microbiome.

The microbiome is billions of helpful “guest” bacteria in your gut that serve as immune defense as well as energy generation.

There is that word energy again!  Did you know that the bacteria in your gut can and do produce at least 20% of the calories you take in?  These little friends take what you give them and produce something called short chain fatty acids or SFA.  SFA are immediately put into the food chain by some other little friends called mitochondria. If you are not sure what they are have a look at MitoQE.

Now without getting too far into the science of fat understand this:  The mitochondria are critical for energy production. SFA are like baby food for the mitochondria.  When people get Chronic Fatigue and its various related syndromes, it may well be related to problems with what kind of bacteria are in the gut.

Since I have pinned so many illnesses on mitochondrial dysfunction, and its contribution to aging it stands to reason that the Anti-Aging side of me would want to do something about the microbiome.

Well, here it is!!!

Introducing Pro Life Ultra PB, a combination pro and pre-biotic with patented Bio-Tract delivery system. Finally, a high quality probiotic that I’m proud to put my name on.

Ok let’s get to the guts of this new product so to speak.

First, you want healthy bacteria to balance out the microbiome.  It is actually common especially during periods of getting out of our dietary routines, like the holidays. So, I’ve included all the best of the best bacterial colonies you need to maintain that balance.

There is also a huge role in your immunity with the microbiome. Many auto immune illnesses including things like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are thought to have a component of dysfunctional microbiome.

And we haven’t even touched on its role in determining body weight and body fat!

Also, you may remember from previous years and previous writings the role of immunity and aging. Again, without going into detail immunity is a critical part of healthy aging and the loss of a robust immune response is thought to be at the root of many of the diseases of aging including infections and cancer.

Now to the specifics of Pro Life Ultra PB and why its not just a run of the mill probiotic.

In addition to the great choice of healthy bacteria we include a Pre-Biotic to help with absorption digestion and care and feeding of the healthy bacterial colonies.

And, Pro Life Ultra PB is stomach acid protected so it gets past all that acid right into the small and large intestine where it belongs. We use a proven patented system known as Bio Tract (TM) to avoid the huge problem of stomach hydrochloric acid which destroys so many other probiotics.

I can’t think of a better way to end this year and kick of the New Year than giving your gut the break it needs and maximizing the healthy microbiome and its enhanced absorption for all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins you are already taking, especially over the holidays LOL!

And its special priced to match our recent Holiday Flash Sale.  Now there is ONE BIG CATCH so read carefully.  The product is actually not yet in our warehouse! As a matter of fact, it is being shipped there as we speak so technically this is a pre-order and the special pricing reflects that.  Allow us about 2 weeks (conservatively) to get it to your door.

The price will go up when its actually in stock so act now and order now to get what just might be the missing link to your health*

Happy New Year!!!

Dr. Dave

*PS  A Lot of People have already asked, “What took you so long!?” after all pro and pre-biotics have been around for a couple of years now and everyone knows how important they are.

Here is the answer:  I have attended many conferences on Anti-Aging, Functional Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and even supplement design but I have not been satisfied we knew enough to create an effective probiotic until now. Frankly we knew far more about mouse microbiome and other lab animals than we did about human.  Many of the products you see out there now are based on that information.  After all the human data took a long time to come in since, people live in different geographic areas and eat totally different diets assuming that mouse or lab animal information is relevant is a mistake. As of just a few months ago we can finally say what is “normal” and what is pathogenic in both type and quantity of the microbiome.  This product is a reflection of that new information!

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