Going Out with a Bang and Banging It Out Super Sale

Today I decided to do one more super sale where everything we make is back on sale. But as with the original sale over The Christmas Holiday this one is continuity/subscription only because some of you did miss that opportunity and let me know in no uncertain terms you were not happy about it!

The good news is we still have EVERYTHING in stock including our new Probiotic but we are definitely in the “limited quantity” range so act now.

I’ve also put the complete bundle (minus the probiotic) on sale again continuity/subscription as well.

And of course I haven’t forgotten our deeply discounted cases! This is a great chance for my friends abroad to save big on shipping, and my friends here to stock up:

You ask, I listen!!!

So, One Last Chance to save at the biggest highest most amazing rate ever!

Let’s end the Year with a Bang and I promise I will keep banging out the best supplements in the world in 2018!


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