Why You Look the Way You Do

I sweartogod I wasn’t gonna do this! I told myself no, not another one. All the signs pointed to me concluding “It’s too much, no one cares any more at this point!”

Seems I was wrong! In spite of writing 2 back to back emails on post holiday weight loss, it seems the questions and the interest keep pouring in. So I will simply say this, the third one in just over a week is because you wanted it. Or maybe the devil just made me do it so here we go!

The following is a small compilation of emails, belly to belly (and I am not kidding about the belly part) face to face talks and a phone call or two since last week’s email.

I had a guy email me and tell me he had just read all of my ketogenic diet blogs but he just had one question, ” I have to give up carbs right?!” Honestly if you read all 14 blogs and don’t know the answer to that question then I am going to barf up my low carb cub cakes!

If you are truly ketogenic then you will get close to your maximum amount of carbs from foods you would not even think have any, such as some of the dairy, all of the nuts, and even most of the vegetables you should be chowing down on. Taken as a whole its really easy to hit the 50 gram limit this way. Or you could cut a slice of bread in half and eat one half in the morning and the other half at night. There is 35 grams. To give you an idea how insidious carbohydrates are even sugarless gum has 2 grams per 2 pieces- the usual serving size.

Now truthfully I told the guy to skip it. Just go “low carb”- cut out breads pastas and sweets, cut your fruits in half and double your vegetables. Much simpler, much easier and no hard core carb counting needed. It will take longer but its less difficult for a lot of people. And of course since his will power and or understanding of what is really needed to drop body fat is lacking, I told him to order Energy X Maxx. To his credit his IQ must be getting better fast because he did as I told him to promptly!

Next I got the obligatory artificial sweetener question. This is almost always an ambush and this was no exception. The person writing to me already had decided what the truth was and was deciding whether or not she liked me based on my answer. I wrote a blog about where I stand right now.

Then I had some direct contact with a dear friend who had just decided he needed help and bought a few bottles of Energy X Maxx. I was glad he did and I am sure it will help.

That evening I got a text, ” Can this be used safely with alcohol?”

Now that is a fair question on the surface but bear with me and you’ll see why I was heating my poker red hot and getting ready to jam it in my own eye out of frustration!

My answer was truthful, “It may increase your tolerance!” I wanted to add, “Be careful if you are going out because the legal limit is much lower these days!” I didn’t need to because this is an intelligent, responsible and productive member of society( Like all Dr Dave’s Best customers!) who is not going to push beyond his limits.

But implied in that message was that alcohol was going to be on his “diet”. Figure in 250 to 300 calories per mixed drink and more for the ones with the little umbrellas in them and you have a really unneeded source of calories that is probably not even being counted in the dietary tally!

Lots of people think alcohol is a freebie! While most hard liquor is gluten free and very low carbs its not calorie free. Drink a standard beer or a sweet cocktail and you may as well eat a candy bar!

So why do you look the way you do?

Simple answer in this quote:” You are the sum total of your habits!”

And your habits are what got you where you are. If you like what you see in the mirror then your habits suit you. But if the famed 6 pack which most people can attain regardless of age is eluding you then change your habits!

I can help. I will help! Go here. Start bracketing your day with one capsule 2 x a day ( morning and late afternoon before dinner). Your metabolism will sing, your fat burning hormones will crank up and your appetite will go into hiding. And with a little help for low carb food choices fat will fly from you and glom on to your enemies. Just kidding about the enemy part!

Your habits will change easily and painlessly.

And when that 6 pack appears, you will smile


At your service,

Dr Dave

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