The Right Dose

One of the pariahs of the supplement industry is the title of this email to you, “What is the right dose?!”

Now I will be honest with you. From this side of the industry you really have to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to marketing hype versus actual meaningful fact. Let me give you a few examples.

Nutra Sweet or aspartame is the most complained about artificial sweetener ever made. This is used in marketing in all kinds of different avenues.  Now I am not saying that Aspartame is great for you but unless you have actually read the complaints you don’t get a sense of just how wacky some of them are.

You know the aliens stole my baby kind of stuff (no offense to those who have had their babies taken by aliens intended!)

None of this is brought out in advertising.  Ever! And the FDA must legally record all complaints.

Another marketing ploy that is brought out all the time is the “poor absorption” argument. This has been used to explain the failure of vitamins across the board and applied to everything from gel caps to mag stearate to compressed vitamins.

Here is the problem.  While it makes sense and in some cases, it may be true, rarely has anyone submitted these things to a real live human test because it costs a ton of money to do this. But it gets said on the internet. And thus, it becomes the stuff of urban legends.  Just when you think you’ve debunked it some jolly, uninformed, overzealous under educated marketer revises and revamps it and boom- millions more are falsely persuaded.

There are exceptions to this however. Omega 3’s have been proven over and over again to be effectively absorbed and to change the level of critical fats in red blood cells as well as change clinical outcomes.

For those of you who are waiting, my new Omega 3 will be available in 2 to 4 weeks!

Next, TA-65 has indeed done human studies with specific doses.

Human pharmacokinetics (how compounds are absorbed, processed, and excreted by the human body) is a complex and variable thing.

I have gotten a lot of questions about how much TA-65 I personally take and have I ever stopped.

As you may know there was a 15-month gap in me selling it that we just repaired last week! I have to abide by the rules price wise but you should most definitely check out continuity for the best price.

During that time, I never stopped taking TA-65. But I do take 4 a day and have been on as many as 8 a day and yes, I pay for it just like you do.

The dose used in the studies was one of the 250unit (found in the 90 count bottles) a day.  For me that was not enough to move the needle on my telomere length.  You may have figured out by now that I measured that over a period of time (2 years) to figure out the right dose.

Most people have not gotten that far yet but if you do want to know the only test I currently recommend is the Life Length assay.

Just like testing your Omega 3, you can find out exactly what is happening.

The lowest dose that turned on telomerase in human cell lines in the lab is 100 units.

That will be available later this week in the form of a 30-count bottle.   You can pre-order that now at a very special too low to publish introductory sale price. I have never used that dose because as I mentioned my personal pharmacokinetics require a much bigger dose. But apparently, some people can use this effectively, and have asked for it, so look for it to start shipping out in a few days.

So, what is the right dose?  The right dose is the dose that gets you the results you want and it’s going to vary from person to person.  The study doses are just guidelines.

Another question that came in was what percentage of people do I see where TA actually works.  Well you can see from the last email that if you use telomere measurement as a guideline there will be a significant change for more people than not for sure.

Also, remember that any supplement will work better if it is part of a bigger broader more comprehensive program for general health. In this case “anti-aging” health. I will spend several emails in the coming weeks going over what that means.

I also have a special guest star free telecon coming up so stay tuned!

Remember the old adage: You cannot manage what you do not measure!


Dr. Dave

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