Why You Might Need a Multi Vitamin!!!

There are several angles where using a multi vite has proven beneficial.

As an anti-aging doc who concentrates on telomere length as a biomarker of potential health span and longevity. There were 2 big studies that linked vitamin and mineral consumption with telomere length.

The first was a Chinese study that included things like Vitamin D and Green Tea, both of which are components in Young Life Daily.

The next was a fairly famous U.S. based study called NHANES. Now like all government sponsored studies NHANES is no friend to the supplement industry but they could not deny the positive effect on telomere length with multiple nutrients!

I suspect it was also a decent study because of the size and the reporting of negative conclusions such as fiber consumption does nothing for colon cancer and vegetable consumption has only a marginal effect on specific cancers, not cancers as a whole. These findings are not within the current agenda of the ADA or any other major allopathic institution any more than high fat ketogenic diets are!

And yet they were reported without bias.

There are also many many studies on vitamin consumption and stem cell behavior, specifically cancer stem cells.
And then there is the potential treatment and prevention of disease.

Finally add to this the nutrient poor toxin rich soils we tend to grow our food in and frankly it points to a simple statement: You’d be crazy NOT to take a multi vite!

My newest product is just that! A purpose built anti-aging multi to shore up what lacks you may have as a result of all the above factors!

It will never cost you less to put up a fight against aging!


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