Mastering Metabolism

It’s been an interesting month from the metabolic stand point. Two major events have come to light that are very much game changers.

The first you may have noticed.

It is the shift away from low fat diets to high fat low carb diets. Now this may seem like nothing new because low fat diets have been panned in the Alternative Medicine community for several years now. But no one had the cajones to come out and say eat high fat. Least of all traditional medical authorities.

That has changed as several major figures have adopted the high fat low carb approach. For those of you who remember the 14 blog series I wrote a few years back on ketogenic diets that info has disappeared from the internet for all intents and purposes because of the events of the past year. However, don’t worry I will update it a bit and bring it back soon in a new format.
Now experience has taught me that every time you prove traditional power holders “wrong”, in this case the allopathic medical establishment and its brothers Big Pharma, Big Food and of course the insurance companies, you get a back lash that is “founded in true science”!

That means sponsored studies to discredit whatever is trending in the general public that might be threatening the status quo of our health care system.

And history has taught me that especially with diets things change back and forth almost as fast as they do with fish oil studies.

Speaking of fish oil, did you know that fish oil is one of the most potent ways to lower your triglycerides?

Did you know that triglycerides are now considered independent predictors of heart disease in some populations. Did you know they are inflammatory when they rise past certain levels and that generally speaking lower is better? Did you know that fatty liver from excess triglycerides is the number one cause of liver toxicity and cirrhosis today?

It is not wrong to call it a new epidemic.

Now traditional allopathic medicine and all power holders will tell you you must use prescription fish oil only to lower your triglycerides and improve the health of your metabolism. I will tell you to go to pub med and find out whether that is true or not since there are numerous studies with all kinds of fish oils there. It is true that ultra potent Omega 3 fish oils are probably the best for this.

It is also true that in order to increase potency you must increase purity as well. Trust me that is a good thing.
Here is a good thing.

My product is unique in potency, purity and formulation.

Accept nothing less for YOUR body!


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