The Answer to the Question I mentioned last week!

OK OK, I admit I deliberately did not answer the question, “ What was the hardest thing I ever had to create or do in the supplement world!?”.

Some of you noticed and a few of you were down right indignant!

That was not my intention.  I just thought that, “Hey this is not the old days, people don’t want to spend too much time reading” so I simply left of the final part of the email.

Here is is!

The hardest thing I ever had to do was create the original anti-aging multi because no one, not even me had done it before and there was no precedent.

This time around with the new product “Young Life Daily” I could at least refer to the original formulation and several years of studies on different and new ingredients.

But it was still NOT EASY by any stretch of your imagination. A lot has changed, a lot has been proven or disproven, and time stands still for no one!

With that in mind make sure you stock up on this batch of Young Life Daily and start your daily journey off on the right foot!

Remember it will never cost you less than right now, and until you change the equation, you are getting older every day!


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