Guts and Buts- What do we Really Know?

There is a long history of jumping ahead of the research in the supplement Biz. This is why constantly read as well as test things out in my own lab. And remember I do all this, THEN I take them myself for 3 to 6 months along other beta testers before we unleash it on the market.

Bottom line: Whatever is released to you has to be WORTH it before we put it in your hands.

There is NO Doubt probiotics are useful, health supporting and potential health and life elongating.

But there are some things we don’t know or at least have not codified as “universal truths” that apply to a large bulk of the population.

  • We Don’t know the effect of major dietary changes.
  • We Don’t know the effect to ethnicity.
  • We don’t know the effect of geographic and weather changes, food sources aside.
  • We don’t know the effect of locality on food which it turns affects the microbiome.

There does not seem to be a major effect from sex (male female- not the act!) we are not 100% sure.

But we do an awful lot of important stuff!

The main thing we Do Know is the composition of a generally healthy microbiome the components of which are represented along with the pre biotics in Pro Life PB.

We Do know the gut functions as a second (or third) brain viz my last email and directly affects the immunology of the brain and some of the age-related pathologies thereof.

We Do know it is a key in weight gain and weight loss via the short chain fatty acid metabolism which is related to total calories in food and insulin secretion.

We Do know it is directly related to immune function, several auto immune disease and total body inflammation.

We do know Probiotics can help with dysbiosis and leaky gut.

We do know of at least 2 classes of drugs, antacids and antibiotics directly change the microbiome.

And from all of the above it’s not a stretch to understand the effects on aging!

And finally, I know it’s dam good for you and I take it every single day.

And I can guarantee you its importance in YOUR health is only going to grow and grow.

If you know my history of being years ahead of the curve you know NOW is the time.

All the Best,

Dr Dave

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