What’s Bugging You!

Today’s topic is the bugs in your gut. Scientifically known as the Gut Microbiome or if you prefer the symbiotic co insistent relationship your trillion cells have with the trillion cells that live hopefully happily in your intestines!

That may be a mouthful but these days there is a lot of info about it.

What is not common knowledge about your gut bugs is the following:

  1. They are the true reason calories are not calories because they process food and create short chain fatty acids (SFAs) that actually add or subtract calories.
  2. They process food contained triggers (antigens) and contribute to the development of immunity
  3. They are intimately involved in auto immune processes such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Thyroiditis.
  4. And here is the biggie- they have a direct impact on total body inflammation

For years I have been telling you how absolutely critical taking your fish oil is for controlling total body inflammation especially that associated with the aging process.

I can tell you that is 100% correct, but it now appears that the effects of Omega 3’s in terms of reducing and controlling total body inflammation are enhanced and improved by a healthy gut microbiome.

This is why I personally make sure I take Pro Life PB with my fish oil every day.

On that note fish oil is out of stock and on back order- first com first served. Its due sometime in March and the back order list is large so please, please, please if you really want / need it get on that list NOW!

Meantime you can take advantage of the solo activity of Pro Life PB against inflammation and to boost immunity.

I hope I don’t have to tell you how important a healthy immune system is in this time of viral infections!

Stay Young, Stay Well, Stay smart (yes probiotics and fish oil can help with that too!) and Stay Joyous in Your Best Health!

Dr Dave

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