Can You Train Your Genes?!

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The email I wrote describing the really cool improvements I have see after one month of using this product stirred up some interesting questions.

A couple of people asked about VO2 Max and other measures of performance. I do VO2 Max on myself every now and then but usually not more frequently than once a year. I will probably do one in the summer as part of a cardio pulmonary stress test. If you are not sure what that is, its basically more sensitive than a regular stress test that just monitors your heart. This one monitors your heart and respiratory function.

This is my favorite non invasive way to keep an eye on my heart because it gives me other data like the VO2 max and Respiratory Ratio and so forth. If you want one of these see your friendly neighborhood pulmonologist/intensive care specialist.

The overall question that was at the root of most of the wonderment was, “Can you really train your genes or put another way- How can you train your genetic limit?”

You cannot really change your genetic limit. But you can and do train things like mitochondrial performance and epigenetic regulation of your genes.

There is a pretty big turf war between genetics and epigenetics in terms of research. Geneticists (the same ones who after 3 trillion dollars and extremely limited success with trying to prove cancer is a more or less random genetic disease) will tell you that in the end run no matter what the genes are still the end determiners of everything.

Epieneticists will tell you genes can be turned on and silenced making the gene a modifiable element in what happens to you. Everything I have read about aging and such tells me to listen to the epigeneticists.

But what about fitness and performance?

There are genetic limits to the VO2max and other “absolutes” and yet you can train them. 6 weeks of HIIT training specific to your sport or your goal can push your VO2 max up beyond where it is now. But not beyond its genetic limit.

Similarly you can improve mitochondrial density and energy efficiency  within certain limits.

It seems that every time we say something in the body is fixed (remember when the brain and heart were static and could not be fixed because they were “post mitotic”) we find out differently. Now some of the modifications will take more research and far more fancy and perhaps invasive interventions, but the switches are there and can be thrown to change all kinds of things in your body’s ability to repair, rejuvenate, and perform.

But always within its genetic limit unless you do gene therapy!

The good news is most of us never come close to our genetic potential and never tweak our epigenetics in such a way that will get us there.

Energy X Maxx is a small but vital step in that direction.

Why not take advantage of safe simple “tricks” to push your performance! And remember its on Sale today.

You’ll love how it feels I promise!


PS if you want the whole enchilada the have a look at the Mitochondrial Energy Bundle

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