Declaring Your In Deep End Dance Part 6

I am writing this to you on the morning of the 4th. You won’t get it for a day or so after but I sure hope you had the great day I wished for you. Mine looks like a wonderful hot summer day.

I have written the Declare Your Independence Series for a long time now and I am rather amused that the company that is recycling my emails to sell their products hasn’t gotten around to using the series yet.

I decided to play on the title a little bit because even though we live in the greatest country in the world, and tons of brave committed people have made all kinds of sacrifices for us, I see some signs of ennui and back door dealings, especially in terms of your healthy future.

I have never been a big conspiracy theorist but I have to admit I have personally seen and experienced some things that give me the chills in health care. Here are a couple:

1) Most doctors privately admit the health care system is broken and has been for a long time. Many if not most are very disgruntled with the way they are told to do things by the non-medical people that control the flow of money into the system. Yet most of these individuals will publicly decree the need to play along with the power of Pharmacy and the white coated rulers in the “respected institutions”. Never mind most of these people never see let alone touch sick patients any more!

And let’s remember who funds the drug studies. It is not an independent medical board, that is for sure!

2) Big Pharma has spent over 1 billion dollars in a campaign to “repair its image”. This includes bashing the supplement industry. While this is nothing new, there have been more direct and rather vicious attacks on people in the industry who have done nothing wrong.

3) Top of my list: the decision by all governmental agencies to bomb the stem cell industry out of existence. This is local, state and federal. I have seen this before and here is what happens: You the non-medical public are told what charlatans and villains people who do these treatments are. As ultimate proof you are told, “See you have to go to 3rd world countries to get these treatments. If they were real we’d be doing them here!”

Sound familiar? I famously pointed out the “Is it Low T” fiasco, where testosterone therapies were the bailiwick of quacks and charlatans until Big Pharma decided to market them.

And in the meantime, plenty of people are behaving in independent fashion and getting phenomenal benefits.

It would seem that anyone who shows some semblance of independence is targeted, vilified and persecuted to make sure there is not the slightest loss of control and power among those individuals who control the future of health care. That is not you and I, unless we declare our independence.

My entire product line is designed to do what god forbid you might achieve with the correct choices- a long, healthy and at least relatively drug free future. But, if you play along with our friends in high places you will be In the Deep End and Dancing to the tune and will of others. Lots of drugs, lots of problems and in my opinion, not much more life or health!

And when you look at the much vaunted studies that are published the cracks and flaws become all to apparent.

Ok now shifting gears for a minute (hey its been a week since I sent anything to you so I can be long winded right!?)

A client who I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with for an hour or so, Don E told me about something I have seen a few times before with various and sundry supplements. In this case it was Energy X Maxx.

Apparently, Don was noticing some the increases in strength I have been raving about, but as a result of the more intense workouts, his soreness levels increased. Of course, I don’t intend for people to have more pain taking things. Still in a back handed way it tells you this one really works.

Just monitor your body and try not to succumb to the temptation to turn back the clock too much and too soon. Don, I apologize!!!!

I know Don and others will find a happy medium but I appreciate the feedback and the chance to alert you to this possibility.


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