No One Said it was Going to Be Easy!!!

I want you to consider the following and the role they play in Your Life: Guidance, Direction, and Self Determination

You and I are Philosophical creatures!

WE each of us know in our heart of hearts certain things to be true and unalienable.

Yet most of what occurs in our lives is the result of either ambivalence or the direction of others.
This is by no means a bad thing as it frees us up to make decisions and do things that are MOST important to us. And if we really don’t have strong feelings about something we may actually be much better served letting someone who does do the driving in that case. As long as we at least thought about it that is.

You may have heard various and sundry philosophies about aging and health that include such statements as, “Aging is natural and we shouldn’t try to mess with it- god put it there for a reason!”

Or a personal favorite, “Vitamins just give you expensive urine”.

Or yet another personal favorite, “Your labs are all normal so be satisfied, there is nothing wrong with you!”

I point these out because they are the philosophies of those in power in the health care field right now.

They range from well meaning but poorly informed to absolutely ludicrous- and not just based on philosophy- but on science as well.

There are many examples of aging being tampered with in a very positive fashion with very positive results. Our own human population is slowly and very slightly improving its overall fitness and longevity.

But we have uncovered several new threats such as our typical diet, the lack of Omega 3’s, and dementias that may lurk around our collective corners as we age.

No one said it was going to be easy!

But we were given brains to think and apply and create. And if you look at the good aspects of the 20th century we have created and harnessed electrical safe electrical power, air and space travel, medical procedures that are lifesaving (less can be said of drugs!) and a means of reducing our transportation times down in all aspects of getting from A to B. And then there is “IT” computers and social media and such, a true mix of potential advancement and ludicrous complexity and money gouging.

No one said it was going to be easy!

On the vitamins and supplements front we have revealed many positive aspects to nutraceuticals and have invoked the ire of Big Pharma and the government. Same with cell therapies. There is a reason much of my stem cell work occurs in Mexico, and its not because what I do is fringe or dangerous!

My general point to you, as we approach another Independence Day is that people, in this case you and me, need to have a direction of purpose and self-determination for our health and our future.

We cannot simply follow, we must must must lead!

No one said it was going to be easy!

I can think of no better way to be clear, to create, to manifest and to guide, at least our own lives in truly Independent and self-determined manner, than having self-guided determined direction and a clear head.

For that purpose, I have created brain force one  Two a day is maintenance, 6 a day for special tasks.

I consider every day a special task so we have reduced case pricing as well since I treat myself and my brain to the extra raw materials it needs to stay on course.

The manifestations of this will become apparent over the next few months as we release our male enhancement product, our cell-based hair restoration formula and another potent telomerase activator towards the later part of the year.

No one said it was going to be easy but this is what you and I were put here to do. Make the world better, younger, smarter and more joyous!

Dr Dave

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